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What Should I Send My Volunteer In A Care Package?

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Love To Travel? Keep A Quote Book

Our Favorite Water Towns Near Shanghai, China

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What To Do With Alllllllllll Your Travel Pictures

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I'm Afraid I'll Miss My Friends And Family During My Semester Abroad

Save A Little Money Every Week To Help Pay For Your ILP Semester

Here’s One Thing No One Told You About Haiti

The Biggest Reasons You Need To Stop Overlooking Mexico

The Cutest Island In Mexico

What ILP Humanitarian Program Is Right For Me?

Do I Need Power Adapters And Converters During My Semester Abroad?

Spend A Perfect Weekend At Moulin Sur Mer, Haiti

How To Get To Know Your ILP Group Better

An Underground Theme Park In Romania?! Yep!

How To Re-Sell Your Textbooks

Pro Tips For Your Trip To Jiuzhaigou Park

How To Get To & Around This Turquoise Blue Lake National Park In China

8 Things To Do The Day Before You Start Your Trip

You Know You're Getting The True Mexican Experience When...

I Have Leftover Foreign Currency — What Do I Do?

Here’s How To Remember Every Day Of Your Vacation

Touch Heaven When You Climb Mount Emei In China

Will I Graduate On Time If I Volunteer Abroad?

Try This Quick Cheap Flight Hack For Your European Vacation

Top 4 Things To Do In St. Petersburg, Russia

Take A Day Trip To This Beach In Poland

How To Get The Cheapest Flights In Thailand

We Found The Chillest Hippie Yoga Town In Mexico

How To Share Your Testimony When You Don’t Speak The Language

*This* Is How I Make A Packing List

These Churches In Romania Are A Real Life Fairytale

Get To Know The (Adorable!) Kids In Haiti

Free (Or Really Cheap!) Gifts To Give Your Host Family

Going Back To See "Your Kids" Again

You Don't Want To Miss The Catacombs In Paris

Why You Should Apply For ILP Early

Which One Of These Lithuanian Snacks Will Be Your New Favorite?

5 Things You CAN Take Through Airport Security

Use Your Rice Cooker To Make Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner (and Dessert!)

How To Thank The Missionaries Who Translated For You In Church All Semester

Places You Absolutely Can’t Miss In China

How To Love The Troublemakers

Plan On Visiting San Miguel De Allende While Living In Mexico

What To Look For In A School Backpack

Travel The World With Your Spouse!

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In China

Top Tips For Your First Trip To Vienna

Which ILP Country Is Right For Me?

How To Bring Your Polaroid Camera On Your ILP Semester Abroad

Quick ILP Facts You Need To Know!

You Should Definitely Have A Mid-Semester White Elephant

Apps That Make Budgeting Super Easy

How To Wake Up With Your Positive Pants On

3 Mistakes To Avoid While Backpacking Europe

How To Not Get Sick While Traveling Abroad

Is It Safe For My Mom To Mail Me A Package?

A Weekend In Latvia

The Best Places To Go Out To Eat Around Iasi, Romania

My Go To Travel Snacks

How About Vacationing On This Bali Beach?

Getting Involved With Your LDS Ward While You Live Abroad

Bringing An Instrument On Your ILP Semester

Vacation To All The Places On The Back Of Your Chinese Yuan

Keep In Touch Without An International Data Plan While You Live Abroad

How I Afford To Travel

We Should All Be Talking About This Painted Polish Town

My Favorite Part About Teaching With ILP

Wander The Most Famous Street In Suzhou, China

Ideas (And Tips!) For Your End Of Performance

You Gotta Do This Grocery Store Challenge At Least Once

How To Make A Postcard Travel Journal

The 5 Best Editing Apps To Make Your Instagram Pictures Look Rad

7 Ways To Make Your Scripture Study More Interactive

How My 6 Trips With ILP Have Changed My Life

You Are Going To Want To Vacation In Koh Chang, Thailand

Come See A Dragon While Living In Poland

Try These Quick (and Delicious!) Mug Recipes

The Statues You Need To See in Voronezh, Russia

What ILP Countries Can Married Couples Volunteer In?

Should You Buy Your Warm Clothes At Home Or In Eastern Europe?

Why You Should Become Friends With The Local Teachers At Your School

Everyday Ways To Save Money

How To Show You're Head Teacher Material

Fly from Lithuania to London for Around $20

Why Is a Semester Service Trip Better Than a Two Week Service Trip?

5 Books To Help Overcome Self-Doubt & Inspire Your Best Life

We've Got Your Barcelona 'To Do' List Right Here

Come Visit All The Disneylands Abroad With ILP

What I Always Pack In My Personal Items On An International Flight

See The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches With ILP

How To Visit The Doctor While Abroad So You Can Send In Your Mission Papers

Totally Unnecessary (But Helpful) Things You Might Want To Consider Packing

10 Free Things To Do In Odessa, Ukraine

Afraid Of Flying? Try These Tips!

Try Restaurant Fundraising!

Check Out These Snorkel Spots In The Dominican Republic

What Happens After The Semester Is Over?

The Best Shoes To Pack When Traveling

Do I Have To Be LDS To Volunteer With ILP?

Your Go To Guide For Flea Markets!

How To Tip Around The World

Food Substitutions For Everyday Ingredients

How To Find An LDS Church No Matter Where You Are In The World

Hear An LDS Prophet Speak During Your Semester Abroad

Do You Know How Cool The Yungang Grottoes Are In China?!

The Best Art Museums In Eastern Europe

8 Study Hacks To Help You Ace Your Test

Wander Santo Domingo's Streets While In The Dominican Republic

What If I'm Interested, But Still Deciding If I Should Volunteer With ILP?

Have A Better Vacation in Warsaw, Poland By Learning A Little History

Looking For Vacation Spots Near Weihai?

The Cheapest Places To Visit In Europe

Take This "1 Week Happiest You" Challenge

Vacationing In Ao Nang Beach, Thailand

I’m Afraid I’ll Be The Only Volunteer Who’s Never Traveled Before

The Top 5 things You've Gotta Do In Iasi, Romania

See The Alien Ruins In Palenque, Mexico

Escape To This Hidden Island Just Outside Of Cancun, Mexico

Skip The Hotels: How To Sleep For Cheap

Sculpt Your Own Marzipan In Tallinn, Estonia

Been Thinking About Volunteering In The Romania Orphanage Program?

Where To Find Comfy And Modest Clothes For Teaching

The Beautiful Catalina Island In The Dominican Republic

Why I Took A Break From School To Volunteer

Places You Should Never Buy Souvenirs

Visit The Malbork Castle In Poland

How My ILP Semester Abroad Gave Me Friends Around The World

The Chocolate You HAVE To Try In Europe

The Scoop On ILP's Phone Plan

Tips To Exploring A New City

10 Ways To Experience Paris Like A Local

Keep Your Dorm Room Organized With These Tips

6 Reasons To Visit Singapore On Your ILP Vacation

Hidden Gems In Beijing

The Secret Pizza Sauce You Gotta Try In Lithuania

Can I Volunteer With My Friend?

6 Things You Need To Know About Paying For Things Abroad

What The Thai King’s Death Means For Our ILP Volunteers

Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room

Take This 6 Step Challenge To Increase Your Faith

The Best Guides In Yangshuo

Why I Fell In Love With The Chinese People

Finding The Best Beaches In China

Tips For Strawberry Picking While Abroad!

How To Get The Cheapest Flights From Poland!

A Guide To Milan, Italy

5 Books To Read Before Visiting Europe

Cheap Ways To Get Ready For Your Semester Abroad

Explore This Dreamy Lake Right Outside The Avatar Mountains In China

Tips For Using The Metro For The Very First Time…In A Foreign Country

Unique and Inexpensive Souvenirs To Buy Friends and Family

Why I Loved Volunteering In Romania

Eat Gelato At This Cutie Shop In Cambodia

How To Apply For ILP Without Making Payments Right Away

*This* Is The Best Pad Thai In Thailand

Living in China? Come See These Houses On Stilts!

How To Take Finals Early So You Can Volunteer With ILP

Why I'm Glad I Went For A Semester Instead Of A 2 Week Trip

Who's Who In The ILP Office?

What Do You Wear While Teaching?

How To Sell Your Housing Contract

6 Ways Traveling Makes You Grateful

The Unique Royal Pavilion In England

How The Orphange Program In Haiti Came To Be

Don’t Miss This Thrift Shop While In Lithuania!

Eat This, Not That: Tips On How to Save Money When You're Living Abroad

Support Your Experience Abroad With More Meaningful Prayers

Check Out The Wieliczka Salt Mines In Poland

Can My Family Visit Me While I’m Volunteering?

10 Lesson Ideas For Teaching Drama with ILP

The Best Bakery In Lithuania!

How To See A Hot Air Balloon Festival In Mexico

How To Travel With Your DSLR Camera

Eat These Foods When You Are In Dublin, Ireland

6 Books You Need To Read In Your 20's

How Cold Does It Actually Get In Mexico?

Check Out The Best View In The Dominican Republic (By Cable Car!)

I’m Nervous The Kids Won’t Like Me And I Won’t Be A Good Teacher

Successful Fundraising Stories

How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Life Changing Experiences from the DR

See Poland’s Haunted Niedzica Castle + Tips For Visiting

Check Out This Awesome Hanging Temple In China!

6 Things You Need To Do During Your Layover

How To Get Around Zhangjiajie Park + What You Can’t Miss

The Coolest Ways To Serve With Other LDS Volunteers

5 Castles You Gotta See In Romania

What To Expect In A Chinese Grocery Store

How To See This Favorite Spot In China!

Semester in Review: An ILP Volunteer's Experience in China!

Semester in Review: An ILP Volunteer's Experience in Thailand!

7 Reasons Why I Like Myself Better When I’m Traveling

All About Pai, Thailand

What Countries Can Male Volunteers Go To?

How To {Quickly!} Get Through Customs And Immigrations

Why You Should Explore San Jose Iturbide, Mexico

Apps That Save You Money On Food

Come Home With A Book Of Mormon Full Of Memories

The Coolest Cafes In Lithuania

How To Travel If You Are A Picky Eater

China Just Opened A Glass Walkway Over Their Grand Canyon

Hey Lithuania! Can You Find The Uzupis Swing??

5 Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe

Cool Things To Help You Get Past The Language Barrier

Looking For A Sunny Beach In China?

How To Make A Bucket List Journal

How To Buy Warm Boots For Cold Weather

Poland Is Only Hours Away From These 9 European Destinations!

5 Reasons Why I Loved Living With A Host Family

How To Print Photos Straight From Your Phone

How To Fit ILP In With Your BYU-Hawaii Plans

Why I Put My Life On Hold To Travel

Create Quick & Easy Videos Of Your Semester Abroad With This App

How To Get Along With Everyone In Your Volunteer Group

Discover The Best Parts Of Voronezh, Russia On Foot

Adventure Awaits you in Zakopane, Poland!

7 Ways To Study Your LDS Patriarchal Blessing

All About Thai Massages

20 Things You Have To Do When You Volunteer In Thailand

The Best Place To See Giant Pandas In China!

Top Ramen Hacks That Are Actually Delicious

5 Ways To Work Out From Home

 Have You Heard Of Ice Biking In Beijing?!

Don't Forget Supplies And Prizes While You Volunteer With ILP!

Discover A Hidden World in Ukraine and Russia

An Awesome Guide To Your Asian Scavenger Hunt!

5 Things That Are Not Saving You Money While You’re Traveling

A Brief History Of The Rome, Italy LDS Temple

Announcing A New ILP School In Haiti!

Your European Scavenger Hunt

5 Reasons You Need To Visit Germany

10 Ideas For Teaching Shop with ILP

5 Things You Can Find Biking Through Amsterdam

How To Avoid Looking Like A Tourist In A Foreign Country

Is It Safe To Live Abroad?

Your Weekend Itinerary For London

Foreign Student Summer Camps in the USA!

Is Your Suitcase Ready For Your Flight?

Top Tips For Group Travel

The 8 Best Places To Spend Your Weekend In Mexico

Top Cheapest Places To Travel Around The World

10 Simple Study Hacks To Help You Ace That Test

Loving Devotion in the Romanian Orphanage

See "The Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World" When Living in Europe

Who In My ILP Group Will I Be Flying With?

Top 5 Travel Apps For Exploring A New City

Visit Scandinavia During Your ILP Semester

How To Feel The Spirit When Religion Is Limited In China and Russia

See Ukraine’s Big Mama

Are You Prepared For What Might Happen On Your International Flight?

Top Cities To Travel To In The Baltic States

The Easiest Ways For Students To Make Money

How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Souvenirs You Can't Miss Out On In Russia

Learn A Language by Living Abroad

Xel-Ha: Don't Miss This In Cancun, Mexico!

Try Out This Chinese Candy Experiment In China!

A New ILP Country: Volunteer In Poland!

Save Money By Canceling These 4 Things Before You Go Live Abroad!

How Far Are You Willing To Travel To Attend Church?

Check Out Santo Domingo's Hidden Oasis! 

Read Volunteer's Personal Blogs While They Live In China And Thailand!

Read Volunteer's Personal Blogs While They Live In Europe!

Read Volunteer's Personal Blogs While They Live in Mexico and Dominican Republic!

Why I Still Think About My Students After Coming Home

5 Ways To Make Any International Flight Fly By

Swim in a Sea of Bamboos in Yixing, China

How To Pack For A Week Long Vacation

Check Out Isla Contoy While Vacationing In Cancun, Mexico!

5 Movies That Will Make You Want To Travel Abroad

Why You've Got To Visit Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Vacation Like A Local And Visit Ukraine’s Black Sea

Is It Safe To Live Abroad In Mexico?

8 Free Things To Do In China!

Top 5 Ways to Save Money in College

Insider Tips On Vacationing In Jarabacoa

Top 10 Things To Buy At A Market In Mexico

Swim in Mexico’s Turquoise Pools in Chiapas!

How to Celebrate American Holidays Abroad

The Best Places To Get Cheap Textbooks

Take Online Religion Classes While Volunteering Abroad

Top 20 Quotes to Remember from October 2016 LDS General Conference

How To Use An International ATM

7 Of The Strangest Ways To Travel In China

Don’t Get On A Plane For Your ILP Trip Without This Info!

Snorkel In Underwater Caves In Tulum, Mexico

How To Afford A Semester Abroad + Tips On Finding Hidden Fees

Vacationing While Volunteering: How It All Works With ILP

What Countries Can I Volunteer In With ILP?

How To Be A Happy Traveler

Tianmen VS Avatar Mountain: Which mountain should I visit in Zhangjiajie?

Read This Before Planning Your Trip To Zhangjiajie!

Is Teaching With ILP Hard?

Which ILP Programs Fit During Your Summer Break?

How To Volunteer Abroad With ILP

Cut The Cost of Doing ILP In Half

4 Reasons To See Barranca del Cobre in Mexico!

Greece, Italy, France, Sweden...Fill Your Passport By Volunteering in Europe

Top 10 Places We're Not Going To (But You Should!)

Hey Mexico Volunteers! Visit The Hidden Beach of Isla Marietas

10 Easy Ideas For Teaching Arts and Crafts With ILP

6 Hairstyles Perfect For Dirty Hair

Pack The Right Kind Of Wallet When You Travel Abroad!

Here's THE Spot To Try All The Gelato Flavors While In Rome, Italy

10 Ideas For Teaching Gym Lessons With ILP

ISIC Travel Insurance Now Has A (Free) App!

7 Tips To Keep You Safe While Traveling Abroad

6 Ways to Worship When Living Abroad - Even Without a Church!

15 Things You Have to Do Every Time You Travel Abroad

Best Ways To Get Around The Dominican Republic

Adventure Awaits you in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

30 Travel Quotes You're Going To Want To Steal For Your Instagram

Let Your Travel Insurance Save You Money

10 Tips For Teaching ILP Drama Lessons

20 Things You Have To Do In China

Top Tips For Using The Moscow Metro

Check out this National Park near Zhongshan, China

Which ILP Schools Have The Easiest LDS Church Access?

Don't Miss This View of the Islands of Thailand

12 Awesome Things You Didn't Know You Can Do in China!

Easy Ideas For Teaching Kitchen With ILP

Experience the Festival of Light in Romania

When Should I Apply If I Want to Be an ILP Head Teacher?

20 Things You Have To Do In Mexico

All About Visiting Iceland's Blue Lagoon

Bring Home A Custom Leather Bag From The Dominican Republic

10 Ideas For Teaching Games With ILP

Travel to Spain's Pink Lake While Volunteering in Europe

How To Get Your Parents On Board After You Decide To Volunteer Abroad

How To Avoid Getting Data Charges While You’re Traveling Abroad

How To Fit A Semester Abroad In With Your BYU-I College Plans

The Souvenir You Won't Regret While Traveling Abroad

Make The Ultimate Bucket List For Your Semester Abroad

When Will I Find Out My ILP Semester Dates?

I Started an ILP Application... Now What?

5 Ways To Start Your School Semester Off Right

Do You Know Xi'an's Hidden Secret?

How to Plan Your Trip to Stonehenge, England

Must See History Museums in Vilnius, Lithuania

Volunteer For 6 Weeks In China!

Experience the Fine Arts in Kiev

What to Pack: Carry On VS Checked Luggage

Go Play Bubble Soccer In Nanjing!

Eat Dinner In The Tallest Tower In Lithuania!

Save Money Using The Envelope System

How To Get Cheap Flights from Romania!

10 Free Things To Do In Budapest, Hungary!

How to Overcome Anxiety About Flying

Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic: Your Next Must See

The Best Water Bottles To Travel With!

TED Talks That Will Help You Live Your Happiest Life

What I Wish I Knew Before Going To Thailand

Everything You Need To Know About Thailand's Lantern Festivals

How To Make Your Room Feel Like Home While Living Abroad

How To Make A Personalized Postcard!

Sharing Your Testimony Through Social Media Made Easy

How To Make Your Service Abroad Go Even Further

Paradise Is Just Two Hours From Puerto Plata

Top Sights To See In Chiapas, Mexico

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Sosua in the Dominican Republic

Attending LDS Institute While Living Abroad with ILP

Tips For Getting A Better Night's Rest

How To Grow Your Instagram Following!

The Foodie's Guide To Eating In Provo

10 Things You Didn't Know About Mexico

Our Favorite Restaurant In Krabi, Thailand

Underwater Museum in Cancun, Mexico!

The Best (Lightweight) Comfort Food You Should Bring Abroad With You!

Why You Have It All In Mexico

What To Expect In Russia With The New Law

Tips For Taking Better Photos With Your iPhone

Top 10 Places to Travel in Switzerland

What To Eat In China When You Can't Handle The Cafeteria Food

How to Avoid Being Hit with HUGE Baggage Fees

Can I Get School Credit While Teaching English With ILP?

Meeting Locals While You Volunteer in the D.R.

Top 5 Things To Do In Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Safest Countries For Female Travelers

Visiting The Most Colorful Temple In Thailand

LDS Temple Hopping in Europe!

Your Guide To The National Parks Of Utah

The Basics On Getting Financial Aid For College Students

10 Things to Cook for Yourself When Living In Eastern Europe

Top Ruins To See In Mexico

Why Choose ILP When Going Abroad?

When Traveling, Should You Take A Tour Or Do It Alone?

Swim Through 27 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic!

Fundraising For A Semester Abroad Made Easy

How To Visit The Hong Kong LDS Temple!

Forget About Elephants...Ride An Ostrich In Thailand!

What To Expect, When You Are Expecting...To Go To China

15 Apps For Students That Make College Easy

Volunteering Abroad With Depression And Anxiety

Top 10 Things to Do in Kiev, Ukraine

Save Money With These Student Discounts!

Exploring Chiang Rai, Thailand

How To Become A Morning Person

Live Like Harry Potter In Krabi, Thailand!

Top Beaches In Mexico

Eating With A Special Diet While Living Abroad

Which Market Should I Go To In Chiang Mai?

Exchanging Cash Abroad: What You Need to Know

From Orphanage to Foster Care: How The System In Romania Works

ILP Wall Of Fame Updated!

ILP Host Families: What to Expect

How To Avoid Bloat On Your Long Flight & Get Over Jet Lag Quick

5 Things You Need to Experience in Santorini, Greece

10 Must See Places in Red Square

7 Things You Must Do Before You Go Abroad!

Top Podcasts To Keep Your Long Flight Interesting

Live 10 Minutes From The Beach While You Volunteer Abroad In The DR!

ILP's Time Killing Activities To Do Between Classes

10 Discount Airlines Around the World

Monkeying Around in the Dominican Republic

A Famous Russian's View on Mormonism

15 Must See Countries In Europe!

5 Ways To Conquer Your Fear of Traveling

The Best Treat From The Streets Of Prague!

How to Plan Your Dream Trip to Asia

15 FREE (or close to it) things to do in Zhongshan, China

The 3 Graduation Gifts They Really Want

HOLY DONUT! The Best Treat in Lithuania!

How to Avoid Being a "Noob" at the Airport

The ILP Way To Love Yo'Self!

The Coolest Bridge Jumping In China!

I Forgot Everything From ILP Training...What Now?

Get Paid To Teach In Thailand & Taiwan!

Study Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Life Changing Experiences From The Romanian Orphanage

Relax At The Hot Springs In Hidalgo, Mexico

ILP Has A Snapchat!

ILP Tip: How To Fall Asleep On A Long Flight!

Hiking To Tiger Cave Temple In Krabi, Thailand

Should I Transfer My LDS Church Records During My Semester Living Abroad?

Tips & Tricks For Packing Fragile Souvenirs

Top Things To Do In Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Food Tours in Vilnius, Lithuania!

Your Weekend Itinerary for Bangkok, Thailand!

Climbing Worldcup Goes To China

How To Get Cheap Airfare To Asia

5 Reasons Portugal Is Totally Underrated

How To Travel Abroad For Free (Or Really Cheap)!

10 Reasons To See Europe In The Winter

How to Deal with Clashing Personalities

What Is The Real Reason for Conflict Between Russia & Ukraine?

The Top Places I Found While Living In Asia

What To Do With Your Pet When You're Going To Be Traveling For Awhile

Fall In Love With Oaxaca, Mexico

How to Know When it's Time to Quit Your Job and Travel The World

ILP Head Teacher: What You Should Know Before You Go!

Swim In A Pool 34 Floors In The air In Shanghai, China!

The Cheapest Things To Buy In Thailand!

How To Write A Statement Of Purpose For Grad School

Gaining Perspective + The Best Yangshuo Tour Guide

The Merry Cemetery - An Extremely Unique Travel Destination In Romania

Get Totally Pampered In China (For Cheap!)

When in Bangkok, eat dinner at a sky bar!

Betcha Didn't Even Know Poland Had Mountains Like This

How to Send International Mail

How to Mail your Missionary Letters While Living in Another Country

Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand

A Day In The Dominican Republic - Through Zoe Laz's Eyes

5 "Must See" Things At Zhangjiajie

Turns Out "Paradise" Is Located In The Dominican Republic

Your Itinerary to See Hong Kong in Three Days!

Visiting A Floating Neighborhood In Cambodia

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Overlook Eastern Europe

Everyone Needs To Live Abroad At Least Once

Hang Out At Dudu, The Blue Lagoon

How To Not Netflix Your Semester Away

Which ILP Country is Right for Me?


Wrong Room Escape Tour In Vilnius, Lithuania!

Where To Start When Planning Your Dream Wedding

The Cheapest Places to Get Passport Photos

Buddhas You Don't Want To Miss In Shandong, China

Let's Talk About Iceland & How To Make That Walter Mitty Cake!

My Favorite Cities in Europe

Iceland: Living Up To The Hype

The Real Difference Between Vacationing and Traveling

Bangkok Do's and Don'ts!

My Adventure At The World's Biggest Buddha

Improve Your Resume By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

The Biggest Secret To Shopping In China!

The Best Laptops When Traveling Abroad

Traveling From Siem Reap to Phnom Pehn

Top 10 "Must Try" Dominican Republic Foods

You're Not Going To See Any Photos Of Kids From The Orphanage...Why?

Rome Do's and Don'ts!

Using Your ILP Experience To Help With An Elementary Education Degree

Getting to Know Your Students Outside of Class

How to Make Friends While Traveling Abroad

Drift Snorkeling During Your Vacation In Bali, Indonesia

A Few Reasons You Might Want To Reconsider That Two Week Service Trip

Humanitarian Vs Exchange: What's the Difference in ILP's Two Programs?

Announcing Two New ILP Schools!

How To Find The Best Elephant Parks In Thailand?

How to Stay in Contact for Free (or close to it) Internationally

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Do I Need A Visa To Teach English In Mexico or the Dominican Republic?

Tips For Your Day Trip To Wuxi

How Volunteering With ILP Helps You Make More Friends!

History of the Dominican Republic

Go See The Italy Of The Alps!

Advice from a Past ILP Volunteer

Budget Meals In Vilnius, Lithuania!

How To Make A Schedule For Online Classes

How to Love the Unlovable

Our Favorite Chinese Fashion Trends

What Are ILP Information Meetings?

Do I Need A Visa To Teach English In Europe?

The Dreamiest Airbnb Finds in Asia

How To Get To The Stockholm LDS Temple

How To Choose The Best Reference

Hiking To A Monastary In Greece: Meteora

Do I Need A Visa To Teach English In Asia?

5 Classes To Take Before You Go Abroad

The Best Places In Europe Where You Can See The Northern Lights

5 Habits of Unhappy People

How To Order Water Without Carbonation in Europe

New Years in Germany: Party Hard!

Visas For Dummies

The Best Thing You Will Eat In Lithuania!

Budget Meals In Moscow!

5 Ways Volunteering with ILP Helps Prepare You for Parenthood

Buying Your Train Tickets In China

Free iPhone 6 Winter Wallpapers

Awkward & Awesome: Getting Your Haircut While Living Abroad

When Is It Appropriate To Barter In China?

Best Christmas Markets Europe Has To Offer!

5 Habits Of Happy Volunteers

Would You Like A Bit Of Tea?

The Dreamiest Airbnb Finds in Europe

Get To Know Your ILP Host Family!

Gift Ideas For Host Families

Tips To Recovering From A Bad GPA

Finding Home In Ukraine

Keep The Familiar Christmas Spirit Alive While You Are Living Abroad

How To Pay For A Semester Abroad If You're Broke Right Now

5 Reasons ILP Is Like An LDS Mission

How To Get To The Gates of Dawn In Vilnius, Lithuania!

The Easy Way to Avoid Traveling Hangry

10 Great Books To Read During Your Semester Abroad!

Go Camping On The Great Wall Of China!

Crush Finals Week & Still Enjoy The Holidays

5 Ways To Be A Better Friend Today

Hey Provo! You've Got An Asian Market??

Easy Holiday Projects For Kids

Stress Free Guide To Teaching English Abroad

Chinese Food Favorites: Mantou Bread

Banks Vs Credit Unions: Which Is Better?

Learn A New Language Using LDS Materials

Seeing 15 European Cities in 10 days

A New App To Track A Traveler's Whereabouts

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Abroad

Our Favorite Hang Out Spot In Nanjing, China

Awkward & Awesome: A Front Page Appearance In Thailand

Hairstyles for Hot and Humid Days

The Top Airlines For Cheap Airfare to Iceland

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Cruising Through the Caribbean

10 Items Travelers Don't Even Know They Need!

Dealing With Food Allergies Abroad

Get Better Travel Deals With Groupon

Every Commuter's Worst Nightmare!

Leave Your Mark on the World

Top Places To See Around Brasov, Romania

Can Students Actually Speak English After Attending ILP Classes?

You Are Never Alone, Even While Living In China

Get Tangled Up In Thailand's Lantern Festival!

Top 5 Travel Backpacks For Your Semester Abroad

How Students Can Get Microsoft Office For FREE!

Don't Get Taken Advantage Of By Taxi Drivers

Exploring The Tunnel of Love In Ukraine!

The Secret To Getting Featured On The ILP Instagram!

Student Spotlight: Meet Amy from China!

How To Keep A Journal Without Writing A Thing

Spotlight On Your ILP Representatives

Our Picks For Travel Sized Gems

Making A Difference One Picture At A Time!

Semester Prep Packing List: Splurge Or Save?

Participating In Your International LDS Ward

ILP Travel Destinations : Bled Castle (Slovenia)

How To Cope With Bugs Abroad

Visiting Ancient Toltec Statues In Mexico

Help Yourself By Helping ILP!

Eat Muslim Noodles While Living In China!

Volunteer Spotlight: Cammy in Romania!

How To Get Train Tickets When It's All Booked

Do the Squat

I've Been Bit by the Travel Bug, Now What?

iPhone Tips For Travelers

ILP Travel Destination: Jiuzhaigou National Park (China)

Mid-Semester Visits

Using Cell Phone Data for International Travel

The ILP Office Has Moved!

Getting To Know The Children At The Romanian Orphanage!

The Russian Cities of Leningrad and Stalingrad

How To Get On The ILP Wall Of Fame

The LDS Church in China

Keep Calm and Expelliarmus!

Eurail for the Win!

Finding The Best Hostel For Your Trip

How to Keep Serving After Your LDS Mission

How To Register With A Foreign Embassy

Do I Need To Be A Student To Volunteer With ILP?

ILP's Top 5 Blogs Of The Summer!

Awesome & Awkward: Paparazzi in China

How To Make Thai Style Massaman Curry

How To Make The Most Out Of Church When They Aren't Speaking English

What Does ILP Offer You That Other Programs Might Not?

Sail with the Pirates in Puerto Vallarta

Travel Destination: Terracotta Warriors

Travel Destination: Jamaica

Top 5 Things To Do In: Tulum, Mexico

How to Make a Fundraising Letter

Volunteer Abroad As Your LDS Mission Prep

Taking A Leave Of Absence From Cosmetology School

Passport Safety 101

Which ILP Program Is Best For You?

Which European Country Is Right For Me?

How To Plan A Successful Vacation!

Be A Smart & Savvy International Backpacker

Your First Week Of ILP Classes: Planning Lessons

Learn Basic Russian Before Volunteering In Eastern Europe!

Visiting The Killing Fields In Cambodia

A Very Happy Russian Reunion!

Learn Basic Spanish Before Volunteering In Mexico!

How To Legally Change Your Last Name!

Beware Of Hidden Fees When Traveling On Discount Airlines!

How to Help When Your LDS Missionary Returns Home Early

Visit The Historical Site of Chernobyl in Ukraine!

Suzhou, China!

ILP Tip: How To Dress In The Cold!

Basic Mandarin Phrases You Need To Know Before You Go To China!

To Pay For School Or To Pay For ILP? That Is The Real Question!

China Versus Thailand! Which One?

What Famous Historical Site Can You Visit On ILP?

Best preparation for your LDS mission? Serving abroad with ILP!

Basic Thai Phrases You Need To Know!

ILP Tip: Is It Safe To Drink The Water?

How To Survive Your First Week Of Teaching!

Hiking to Heaven's Gate!

Make The Most Of Your Semester While Taking Online Classes!

ILP Tip: Quality Vs Quantity!

ILP Travel Destination: Kazan, Russia!

Awkward and Awesome: National Women's Day!

How To Stay Healthy While Living Abroad

ILP Tip: How To Manage Your Classroom!

ILP Travel Destination: L'viv Ukraine!

ILP Travel Destination: Dubrovnik, Croatia!

Are You Tired Of Being Set-Up? Get Away From The Pressure!

ILP Tip: How To Manage A Group In A Foreign Country?

How to Make an Emergency Plan While Living Abroad

How To See Thailand In A Week!

Kaunas, Lithuania!

Basic Lithuanian Phrases You Need To Know!

Why We Have The ILP Code Of Conduct

How to Adjust After Returning Home From Your LDS Mission?

Why You're Choosing The Wrong Major

ILP Tips: How To Get Selfie Ready!

The Airport For Newbies Part 7: Your Final Destination and Customs

ILP Travel Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

Student Spotlight: Plawan In Thailand!

How Does The Dollar Compare To The Euro?

ILP Tips: A Guide To Dining in China

The Airport for Newbies Part 6: Layovers

Easy Steps To Making Your First iMovie

Hill Of 3 Crosses: Vilnius, Lithuania!

ILP Travel Destination: Sofia, Bulgaria!

ILP Tips: How To Go Backpacking On A Budget!

Top 5 Russian Recipes To Try!

ILP Tip: What Shoes to Bring Traveling

Roam With The Dinosaurs In China!

Student Spotlight: Stefan in Romania!

ILP Tips: Going Alone vs. Going with a Spouse

Find The Hangout Hot Spots In China

Going On A Mission Vs A Service Abroad

Travel Quotes to Inspire!

Buy Your Wedding Dress In China For Cheap!

Use A Pell Grant To Pay For Your Semester Abroad!

Where Will You Turn When You're Living Abroad And Things Go Wrong?

10 Ways To Grow Your Faith While Abroad

The Airport for Newbies Part 5: During Your Flight

ILP Tips: The Ultimate Guide To Survive Your Long Layover

ILP Tips: What To Do When The Worst Happens!

Student Spotlight: Roxailyn in the Dominican Republic!

The Sound Of Music Tour!

How To Take Online Classes While Abroad And Still Have Fun!

LDS Temple Announced in Bangkok, Thailand!

ILP Tip: What To Do When You're Abroad And Lost

Awkward and Awesome: China Mud Caves

ILP Tip: The Perfect Outfit For That Long Flight!

Explore Samana, Dominican Republic!

The Airport for Newbies Part 4: Finding Your Gate and Boarding

How To Apply For A Passport

5 Souvenirs I'm Glad I Bought in Eastern Europe!

ILP Travel Destination: Bigar Waterfall, Romania!

Student Spotlight: Misha in Ukraine!

Finding Ways To Share Your Testimony While Living Abroad

The Cheapest Transportation in Thailand!

How Volunteering In China Has Changed One Volunteer's Future

Exploring The Artistic Side Of Moscow

ILP Tips: What should I pack and what I should buy there?

Women's Rights in China

How To Get Into Thailand Through ILP!

My Ultimate Bucket List: Vilnius, Lithuania

How-To Contact The Police While Volunteering Abroad

Sleepovers At A Working Monastery In Russia!

Do I Need Converters or Adapters in China?

The Airport For Newbies Part 3: Getting Through Security

Exploring Sweden's Island Old Town

Tour Punta Cana In The Dominican Republic!

What's It Like To Live With A Host Family?

Walk Like A Romanian Gypsy

How to Binge Travel during your ILP semester!

5 Best Beaches in Thailand!

Fundraising To Build A Home For An ILP Student & Her Family In The Dominican Republic

The Best Camera To Pack When Traveling Internationally

Getting blessings while you're abroad

Five souvenirs you are wasting your time on in China

Learning How To Speak Another Language Before Your Semester Abroad

ILP Travel Destination: Pyrohiv, Ukraine!

The Airport For Newbies Part 2: Checking In

Should I Go as an ILP Alumni or Head Teacher?

Stephanie's Semester Abroad In Thailand!

How To Make the Ultimate Bucket List For Your City!

Why You Should Keep a Journal During Your Semester Abroad

6 Tips For Souvenir Shopping In Foreign Countries

Don't Get Tricked By The Budget Airlines

ILP's Top 10 Posts Of 2014

Student Spotlight: Iker in Mexico!

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Semester Abroad In Mexico

The Airport For Newbies Part 1: Before You Head To The Airport

Spend The Weekend Visiting A Cave Monastery In Moldova

Ashlie's Semester Abroad In Lithuania!

Getting More Out Of A Semester Abroad

What to Get a Traveler

How To Keep Yourself Entertained On A Long Trip

Hill of Crosses: Lithuania!

That One Time I Went Cliff Hanging in Thailand!

Should I Do A Study Abroad Or Volunteer Abroad Program?

10 Painless Ways To Save Money For Your Semester Abroad

The Little Ways Travel Has Changed My Life

Sam & Bryan: Valuing All Of Your Students, Even The Difficult Ones

Santo Domingo: The Oldest City in the Americas

Nicole's Semester Abroad In Sunny Mexico!

You Know You're An ILP Volunteer When...

That One Time A Chinese Man Saved My Life

Get The Black Sea Spa Treatment In Romania!

Discover & Explore The Oldest Church In Russia

Is It Safe To Volunteer In Ukraine?

Student Spotlight: Meet Pope from Thailand!

ILP Volunteers: Have I Done Any Good?

ILP's (Not-So-Secret) Secret Revealed!

6 Places Tourists Miss Out On In Shanghai

See The World For A Year On $350 A Month

Crocodile Park: Phichit, Thailand

Travel Smarter: How To Make A Travel Sheet!

What's the weather like in Lithuania?

Get a break from life. Take a 4 month vacation!

Taking Steps To Protect Your Money While Traveling Internationally

ILP Volunteers In Lithuania Will Now Be Paying In Euros!

How To Describe Your Semester Abroad Experience On A Resume

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Lithuania!

ILP Travel Tip: What NOT to bring to China!

5 Of The Best Websites For Fundraising Your Volunteer Semester Abroad

Can I Submit My Mission Papers During My Semester Abroad?

4 Reasons Why You Need A Break From School

7 Travel Websites You Should Be Using

Exploring The Hermitage In St Petersburg, Russia

Visit A WWII Memorial Site In Lithuania

Why ILP Volunteers Love Chiang Mai, Thailand

What NOT To Bring To Thailand!

We're Loving These Old Town Adventures!

The Hidden Gems Just Outside Cancun, Mexico!

Student Spotlight: Meet Mayelin From The Dominican Republic

How Significant Choices Lead To Unexpected Paths — An ILP Volunteer's Story

We're In Love With This Dreamy Chinese Village Near Huangshan

While Volunteering In Ukraine, Check Out Khreshchatyk Street

For Your Semester Abroad In China, Pack For The Right Weather

What Makes ILP Stand Out From Other Travel Programs?

What NOT To Bring To Europe!

Paul's Experience Volunteering Abroad In Moscow, Russia

How to get School Credit from Southern Virginia University

Why Volunteers Are Loving Trakai, Lithuania!

Pay Less For Your Semester Abroad With The Pay In Full Discount

How To Stay In Contact With Your Family While Living Abroad With ILP!

Go On A Semester Abroad Now, Pay Later

7 Famous Russians You Need To Know About

How to Visit 11 Countries in One ILP Semester!

Getting Internship Credit At Southern Utah University

How To Spend Less While Volunteering In Romania

What To Know About Exploring Puerto Plata

Run The Great Wall Marathon!

Hailey's Semester Abroad in Ukraine

10 Awkward and Awesome Things Volunteers Love About China!

Vacation In Mexico's Magic Cities

How BYU-Idaho Students Can Make Volunteering Abroad Their Internship

Announcing A New School In The Dominican Republic!

3 Reasons To Love the Dominican Republic

Lonely Planet: Your One Stop Resource For Traveling Abroad

How To Travel Like a Minimalist!

Top 6 Mistakes ILP Volunteers Make

Take An LDS Church History Tour of One of The Seven World Wonders

How To Get School Credit At USU While You Volunteer Abroad

See The World Wonders By Being An ILP Volunteer!

20 Items You Can Buy Dirt Cheap In China

Why All ILP Europe Volunteers Are Dreaming of Greece

Why ILP Volunteers Love Riga, Latvia!

Exploring Moscow's Novospassky Monastery

5 Things To Know Before You Explore Beijing

Go On A Real Life Treasure Hunt While You're Volunteering Abroad!

Here's What Christmas Looks Like In All The ILP Countries

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted As An ILP Volunteer?

How To Keep Yourself (And Your Stuff) Safe While Traveling

Non-Profit Organization: What Does It Mean and How Does It Help You?

Places Volunteers Shouldn't Miss In Guangzhou, China!

Get 7 Semesters Abroad For The Price Of 1

How Research Can Totally Change Your Experience Abroad

Do Volunteers Know About The Trains In China?

10 Unique Places You Have To See In China

What Type Of Luggage Should I Bring For Vacations?

5 Must See Ballets While You Live In Russia

Make The Most Of Your ILP Vacation In Bucharest, Romania!

The Best Kept Secret For Married Couples Volunteering Abroad

What Should I Do With My Stuff While I'm Volunteering Abroad?

Here's How To Travel With Your Friends and Save Money

Charlotte's Semester Abroad In Mexico

What To Do When Culture Shock Hits

Communicate In China (Without Speaking A Word Of Mandarin)

How To Get Cheap Flights in Europe!

Come See The Seven Wonders of Ukraine!

The Do's and Don'ts of Bargaining In China

Get The Best Deals At Beijing's Pearl Market

Be Adventurous And Get This ILP Discount!

Just A Few Books You Need To Read Before Living In Russia

10 Facts You Didn't Know About Russia

Kerry's Experience Volunteering As An English Teacher In Russia

Take A Cruise Along The Moscow River!

Here's How Volunteers Get To Celebrate Maslenitsa in Russia!

The World Heritage Sites of Russia You Can't Miss

Traveling To The Castles of Mother Russia!

Travel To Kizhi Island During Your ILP Vacation In Russia

Here's Why You Should Travel The Golden Ring In Russia

How To Get Credit At BYU For Your ILP Semester

Why We Love The Shanghai Wild Animal Park

15 Journal Prompts For Volunteers

What I Wish I Knew Before Volunteering Internationally

Exploring The World For Over 25 Years

Over the years of assisting more than 6,000 volunteers in their desire to travel and make a difference in the lives of others, ILP has seen what works and what doesn't.

We've gathered our tips here for making your semester abroad a successful one.


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