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How To Use The Metro To Plan Your Shanghai Vacation

Posted by Emily Cummings on 7/19/18 3:55 PM


Traveling in China may seem a little bit daunting (especially if you don’t know Chinese) but the metro in the sprawling city of Shanghai makes it easy.

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Topics: China, Travel Tips, Travel Destinations

What Do I Do If My Phone Breaks, Is Lost, Or Stolen While I'm Abroad?

Posted by Auvi Evans on 7/18/18 3:12 PM

You're hiking The Great Wall of China when you pull out your phone to take the perfect selfie-- unfortunately,  it slips out of your hands and falls to the pavement breaking the screen and camera ... now what? Here's what to do if your phone breaks, is lost, or stolen while you're traveling abroad.

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Topics: Travel Tips, Life Abroad, Making a Difference

Travel Items That Are NOT Worth It

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 7/17/18 2:50 PM

There are so many gadgets out there that claim they will "make traveling easier". While some of these things are so helpful, there are many that are just a waste of space and not worth the price tag!

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Topics: Semester Preparation, Travel Tips, Saving Money

Float On A Lake Of Pink Lotus Flowers In Thailand

Posted by Emily Cummings on 7/16/18 2:37 PM

Get your cameras ready — we found the most photogenic lake trip in all of Thailand.

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Topics: Thailand, Hidden Gems

Why Nicaragua Became My Favorite Place

Posted by Emily Cummings on 7/15/18 4:47 PM

It can be tricky choosing which ILP country you want to volunteer in but after reading a bit about how Nicaragua stole this world traveler’s heart, that decision might be a little easier to make. 

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Topics: Nicaragua

The 2 New LDS Temples Near ILP Volunteers

Posted by Auvi Evans on 7/14/18 3:10 PM

During the April LDS General Conference we got an awesome surprise of seven new temples being announced! Two of these will affect ILP volunteers and give them some pretty unique opportunities.

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Topics: Russia, LDS, Nicaragua

Get Your Hair In Low Maintenance Mode For Your Semester Abroad

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 7/13/18 5:13 PM

When you're preparing for a semester abroad there are so many things that cross your mind that you forget about simple things like your hair! You may not think it's a big deal if your hair isn't looking it's best, but when you look back at all of your pictures where your hair is tucked in a messy bun again and again you might wish you had at least one day where you tried (a little). Lucky for you, there are things you can do to prepare yourself for a semester without your favorite hair dresser!

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Topics: Semester Preparation, Travel Tips, ILP Basics, Life Abroad

How These ILP Volunteers Helped The Community By Funding A New Home

Posted by Auvi Evans on 7/12/18 4:59 PM

Serving in The Dominican Republic brings unique ways to serve. This is how one ILP group changed the lives of those in the community they lived and volunteered in!

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Topics: Life Abroad, Making a Difference, Dominican Republic, Finding Your Best Self

How To See The Most Famous Castle In Germany — Neuschwanstein!

Posted by Emily Cummings on 7/11/18 4:48 PM

There are lots and lots and lots of magical castles in Germany … but if you’re headed to see Schloss Neuschwanstein, we have your go-to guide.

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Topics: Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Travel Destinations, Romania, Poland

Clean Your Apartment With These Money Saving Hacks

Posted by Auvi Evans on 7/9/18 5:04 PM

Saving money is a must for us (especially those of us on a college budget) because the more you save the more you have to do rad things (like traveling!). Did you know you could use these things to clean your apartment and save a little money?

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Topics: Semester Preparation, Student Hacks, Saving Money

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