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Quick Tips For Your ILP Interview!

Posted by Emily Henkel on 5/31/23 10:15 AM

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Get the details on what to expect during your ILP interview. 

If you found this post, you're probably dreaming about a spending a semester abroad — the chance to jump into a new culture, do lots of traveling, make a difference, then come home with some pretty good stories. We're so excited for all of that to happen! But before you can jet off to a new country with your ILP group, you'll need to start your application and schedule an ILP interview. 

Haven't started your application yet?
Let's fix that!

Our interviews aren't anything to worry about (no need to be scared or nervous). Interviews just help us get to know you, and give you the chance to get answers to your questions while you're in the process of applying to be a volunteer. It's also a good time to see if the ILP program is the right fit for you.

Here's a little background info so you know what to expect:

ILP Uganda

Who Will Interview Me?

You'll be speaking with someone from our ILP representative team for your interview. In our office, we have a team who have all gone on their own ILP semesters ... maybe more than one! ILP representatives are all college-aged volunteers who have been on the program before and have been in your shoes. 

During your interview, feel free to any questions that come to mind. The ILP reps know a lot about what living abroad for a semester is really like and are happy to share about their own experience, as well as the experience of others on the team. 

How Do I Do My Interview?

You can do your interview over the phone or in-person at the ILP office (we're located in Orem, Utah). We do almost all of our interviews over the phone, but come on in if you'd rather.

After you submit your online application, you'll receive an email with a link that lets you schedule an interview. Or, one of our ILP representatives will contact you and set up a time to talk. 

What Kind Of Questions Are Asked?

A semester with ILP is pretty independent, with you planning your own vacations with your ILP group, implementing our training method in your classroom if you'll be teaching English, and giving you some structure on how to figure out life in a foreign country.

This interview process gives a bit more detail on the basics of the program and more info about the kind of experience you're looking for while abroad. 

During your interview,  you can plan on being asked basic questions about you and your experiences that may come in handy on a semester abroad with our program.  Get ready for questions like "Why are you interested in volunteering abroad with ILP?" There are also some get to know you questions about your favorite/least favorite job and about any past experience you have working with children (you're not required to have any experience, but it's helpful information to know if you happen to have some). 

There aren't any wrong answers and we aren't trying to catch you off guard with difficult questions. These are all questions to help get to know you better. 

ILP Nicaragua

What Should I Expect?

How Long Is My Interview? 

The interviews typically last anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes — the length of the interview depends on how many questions you have for us and what kinds of experiences you're looking for during your semester (we have more on that below). 

What About My Experience Preferences? 

Your interview will cover some get to know you questions, info about our program, and details about the kind of experience you're interested in. ILP has countries all over the world, with unique programs in each location.

In your interview, we'll talk about what parts of that international experience are important to you — are you looking for an Exchange or Humanitarian program? Would you prefer living close to the beach, or having lots of weekend travel opportunities? Are you wanting a big ILP group to teach and travel with, or smaller group to share every adventure with. 

On your application, you have the chance to let your ILP representative know a bit more about what kind of experience you're looking for. Based on your choices, your ILP rep may talk with you about a couple of other locations you may not have considered before that have the things you're looking for. 

Having a hard time narrowing things down? No worries! This interview is all about giving you some info and getting to know you. You don't need to decide anything right now. 

The Whole Process 

A big chunk at the end of your interview is all about what comes next. After you have all of your questions answered, your ILP rep will give you a pretty thorough run down of what you can expect until you are assigned to a specific city and country.

Your ILP rep will walk you through what to expect after you finish your application if you're accepted. You'll learn more about the documents we need to help you get assigned to a country, and be there every step of the way to help you out. It's pretty exciting stuff! 


Am I A Good Fit For ILP? 

We think so!

If you're someone who is looking to be adventurous, are motivated to explore a new country, dive right into a new group of friends and totally new experiences, it sounds like this is the start of a pretty beautiful friendship. Our organization is set up to to help you begin your trip, but then the experiences you have are up to you. 

We have a Code of Conduct (similar to the Honor Code at BYU) and cater everything to be really group-orientated. ILP is best for volunteers who are ready for that kind of international experience. If you're looking for a program where you can travel solo or do some drinking and partying, this isn't the program for you. 

Every location is really different, but those who have a good experience on our program are excited for what life in a new country is like. I'm talking new food, a new language, a new definition of what's normal for you, and so many stories. This isn't a program where we have everything scheduled out for you. It's kinda half and half, with a set volunteering schedule and so much free time and vacations that you'll plan yourself. 

ILP India

It's travel time!

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