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Take Advantage Of Payment Plans For Your ILP Semester Abroad

Posted by Jen King on 5/29/24 12:18 PM


Volunteering abroad is even more attainable when you take advantage of financial support options. ILP has several payment plan options, with plans as low as $99 per month.

At ILP (International Language Programs), we're focused on making your trip abroad as affordable as possible, starting with your program fee. It's a pretty unbeatable price when you consider what's included in your experience living abroad for the semester in places like India, Peru, Thailand, Poland, Costa Rica, and many more!

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We want to help you make your dream of living abroad become a reality, which is why we have discounts, insider tips on fundraising, and plenty of advice to help you out, no matter your situation.

Taking advantage of a payment plan to take care of your program fee is our first tip. 

First, What's The ILP Program Fee?

Simply put, it's the cost to participate in ILP's volunteer program. Your program fee includes:

  • Your roundtrip international flight from the U.S.
  • Visa (if required, varies by destination)
  • Airport in-country pickup and dropoff
  • Housing
  • 3 At-home meals per day (not included during vacation time)
  • WiFi
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Pre-departure and in-country training
  • Meaningful 

Can we toot the horn for a second about the fact that your international roundtrip flight is included? If you're comparing volunteer programs apples to apples, you'll find that many don't include this in the cost to participate. It's usually an additional cost, but not with us

Program fee prices vary, depending on the country you choose. Trip costs work for every budget, typically around $4,000, and as low as $2,670. Compare trips here.

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Setting Up Payment Plans

While you're applying for your ILP trip, you'll complete an online Orientation where we'll go over things like where you'd like to volunteer, if you have any friends you want to volunteer with, and options for paying for the trip. We have three payment plans and you'll be able to decide which works best for you.

Financing With Affirm

Go now, pay later with the popular 3rd party lender, Affirm. This option tends to be most used by volunteers who are signing up for their ILP trip pretty close to departure and don't have enough time to save up.

While your program fee is due before your semester starts, Affirm becomes a middle man so that you can go volunteer now, when you want to, and worry about paying off your program fee after you're back. Affirm offers zero-interest financing for up to 24 months — that's nice because not only does it mean that you can pay after your ILP trip, but it because the loan is extended, your monthly payment amounts are smaller (as low as $99/month).

Terms and conditions apply and are determined by Affirm (not ILP). If you have questions about Affirm or what you may qualify for, we'd love to chat. Just leave your info here and we'll get in touch.

ILP Monthly Autopay

Unlike with Affirm, this payment plan is in-house (you'll make your payments directly to ILP). This plan is really popular because it's so customizable! You determine when your plan starts, so the earlier you sign up for ILP, the smaller your monthly payments are. With this plan, your program fee is due before departure, so it tends to work best for volunteers who either sign up farther in advance or who just want to have their program fee done and taken care of so that they don't have to think about it after they come home.

ILP Standard Payment Plan

Again, this is another plan where you'll make payments directly to ILP. It's quite simple and straightforward — your program fee is split into 3 payments with 3 set due dates.

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Other Ways To Make It More Affordable

Outside of payment plans, there are several other ways to make this experience affordable on any budget.

Get Financial Help Via Fundraising

This is my biggest tip to affording your trip abroad with ILP — fundraise! 

It's hard work but we see really great success with fundraising and definitely recommend that you try it. We have had volunteers who fundraised half of their program fee (or even their full program fee). Pretty awesome, right?

Telling family and friends you are saving for a semester abroad is another option. A lot of times you'll find there are many people you know who want to help if they can. That may mean donating teaching supplies, asking if they can purchase anything you may need, or even calling ILP directly and make a donation to you if they want (that donation is tax deductible, you know). We'll keep track of when people do that so you know how much you still owe. 

Here's all you need to know about fundraising. It's full of plenty of ideas that you can try out (trying out multiple options can help you save up even more). 

Take Advantage of Discounts

We often offer discounts for volunteering where you're needed most or for referring friends to ILP. We also have a discount married couples, and even a discount if you're able to pay your program fee in full within 3 weeks of being accepted. Discounts are limited and can change, so when you apply for ILP we will go over current discounts that you may be able to qualify for.

Chat With An ILP Rep

Reps have previously volunteered with ILP and now work at our office in Orem, Utah. Their job is to answer your questions and help you get ready to go abroad! They've been in your shoes and love sharing their wisdom so that you can have the best experience. 

They have lots of insider tips that can help you make your experience more affordable! Everything from which countries are the cheapest to live and travel in, to tips for fundraising and which payment plan is best for you.

Leave your number here and we'll text you!

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We have a little something extra for you

We heard so many stories from ILP alumni about how they affording their trip abroad ... and just knew we had to share them all with you. Click below to get a copy of your free fundraising guide that is full of ways to make a few extra dollars or a few thousand.

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