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A Guide To Milan, Italy

Posted by Auvi Evans on 1/11/19 4:31 PM

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I don't really know anyone who has never dreamed a little about exploring Italy. Or if you're like me ... dreamed A LOT about exploring Italy — and Milan was on the top of my list.

With delicious food, rich history, and pretty views we know you'll love it!

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Here's what you need to know about visiting Milan:

  • What To See And Do
  • What To Eat
  • How To Get There
  • How Long and Where To Stay
  • How To Get Around

What To See And Do

The Last Supper Painting

Da Vinci's Last Supper is found in Milan and even if you're not super into art you're going to want to make this stop! Make sure you plan ahead and buy tickets online, then soak in the intricacy and beauty of this oh so famous painting. 

Cost: 12 euros

Duomo Di Milano

This is the cathedral you'll see when you look up anything about Milan, and wow, is it beautiful! You need to walk through it while you are there. The Duomo Di Milano is actually the largest church in Italy and the 5th largest in the world! Inside you will find gorgeous stained glass windows, beautiful stonework and stunning art, all constructed in that classic, Gothic theme. It's unreal.

Take the stairs or an elevator to the top to see amazing views. On a clear day you can actually see the Alps, so look out for those!

Tip:  Make sure you are covered up when you go; no shorts and sleeveless tees, please. 

Hours: The cathedral is open from 8:00 to 7:00 every day, but the last ticket is given out at 6:10 PM, so plan accordingly. 

Cost: Admission isn't very expensive; your basic ticket costs 3 euros and includes the crypt inside. You can also get a more expensive ticket to see the city from the top of the cathedral (taking the stairs will cost 9 euros, and taking the elevator will cost 13 euros). There are only 250 stairs, so if you're willing to do bit more walking, you can save four euros.  Get more ticket info here 

Address: Piazza del Duomo, 20123 Milano

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The Navigli District

This Navigli is one of the coolest parts of the city and you'll want a good amount of time to spend exploring. The Navigli is home to Milan's canals (just like in Venice!). The canals are lined with artists, thrift shops, art galleries, and many other unique booths. This is a great place to grab a souvenir to remember Milan by, all while soaking in the pretty views. 

Address: There's not an exact address for the area but check out this post on how to find it. 


The Galleria is essentially a mall full of Italian designers  hello Prada and Gucci! Even though you may not be in the market for an expensive purse or shoes make sure you check The Galleria out. It is a beautiful building and can even bring you good luck. Find the Bull on the ground of The Galleria, turn your heal on it and the good luck should supposedly follow. 

This is right by the Dumo, so make sure you check them both out at the same time.

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What To Eat

Just be okay with the fact that you'll gain a few extra pounds from the food in Italy, especially in Milan. I mean ... if you're coming here specifically for the food we don't blame you because really, the food is magnificent! Pizza was one of my favorite things I had in Milan because everything was so fresh — you'll fall in love with that thin, wood-fired crust and the mounds of gooey mozzarella. Yum. Oh, and then there is the gelato. It's 100% better than ice cream and you'll want to eat it every day you're in Italy. 

Feel free to find your favorite places, but here are a few recommendations: 


Pizza AM

Do NOT miss out of going to Pizza AM. The menu only has seven options, but you cannot go wrong with any of them. Their pizza is fresh and, so, so delicious. You'll be dreaming of it long after you've left.

Address: 83 Corso di Porta Romana, Milan

Gino Sorbillo

Known for their Neapolitan Pizza, Gino Sorbillo can't be beat. They only make 400 pizzas a day, so be quick and get there as soon as they open   they go fast! We love the simplicity of their pizza. 

Address: 11 Largo Corsia dei Servi, Milano, 

Da Willy  

Da Willy has delicious pizza that will leave you wanting more. The pizzas are BIG so plan on getting a couple and sharing them with your group. Make sure you try their fresh mozzarella and prosciutto pizza; It is divine!

Address: Via Bergamo 1, Milan

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You really can't go wrong with gelato in Milan. I'd recommend stopping at every shop you see to grab a scoop (it's that good!). Here are a few favorites in the city as you are looking for new places to try.

La Gelateria della Musica

Every flavor is named after a musician or a song, music is playing in the background, and the flavors are unique at this little shop. Try flavors like their famous salty pistachio, strawberry grape, cheesecake, and more. You will love this place.

Address: Via Pestalozzi 4, Milan


Tasta uses local ingredients and has lots of options for dietary needs so everyone can enjoy this delicious gelato. They're known for their chocolate flavor so make sure to give it a try. Tasta also has other yummy treats besides gelato, so you can't go wrong! 

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How To Get There (Info On Flights)

We're all about cheap flights in Europe. One of the greatest things about going to Milan is how cheap you can find flights to get there, making it a great option for our volunteers in Europe who are planning their vacations. 

Prices will vary quite a bit depending on what days you are going and what city you're coming from, but check back frequently because prices will change. Head's up — Milan has two main airports: Linate airport and Malpensa airport.

You may also see flights into Bergamo's Orio al Serio airport (45km East) and Parma airport (100km South) but you will need to factor in travel time because Orio al Seriou is 27 miles away from Milan and Parma is 62 miles away from the city. 

Start by looking at these two budget airlines: www.ryanair.com and  www.wizzair.com

Some Typical Flight Prices 

From Vilnius, Lithuania to Milan, Italy flights usually range between $70 and $130 roundtrip (Ryanair).

Krakow, Poland to Milan, Italy is a little cheaper and ranges between $50 and $100 roundtrip (Wizzair).

Kiev, Ukraine to Milan, Italy can hang around $169 round trip. 

You can also fly into Milan from another city; maybe flights are cheaper into Rome from Russia, so you spend a couple of days in Rome, then hop over to Milan. 

How Long and Where To Stay

How Long To Stay

Milan is a great city and you can find a lot to do. That being said, a weekend trip is the perfect amount of time to spend there. I would spend more time in Rome or Venice if you are trying to decide how to divide your time in Italy. 

Where To Stay

Your best option of places to stay in Milan will be hostels. They range from about $20-$60 a night depending on which one you book. Check out hostelworld.com when you are booking  they make it so easy to find budget options. Here are a few hostels with great reviews we'd recommend checking out as you are looking:

Madama Hostel: This hostel is in an old police station and also has a cute little bistro attached. The decor is super rad and everything is nice and clean. Rooms are generally about $40- $45 a night.

Queen Hostel is simple but has everything you need. It's only about a 15 minute walk to the heart of the city and the staff is super helpful. And, they advertise there is free wifi "even in the bathrooms". See, everything you could need!  Rooms are about $25- $30 a night.

Babila Hostel: You'll quickly fall in love with this hostel's charm. It's modern, simple, and clean. Very close to the main attractions you'll be visiting and about $40 a night.

How To Get Around

You can get around Milan several different ways. There are trams, metros, buses, and more. Here are the best ways we've found :

By Foot: Walk around on foot as much as possible in Milan; you will find hidden gems you otherwise would have missed if you were on a bus. You can get most anywhere on foot. Just make sure you have comfy shoes!

Metro: For longer stretches of travel we'd take the metro. The metro can get you anywhere you need around the city and is affordable   €1.50 one way, €4.50 for a day pass. Here's more info about the metro system 

Quick Tip: Avoid taxis! They are pretty expensive and you really can get around with out them. 

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