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What ILP Countries Can Married Couples Volunteer In?

Posted by Emily Henkel on 1/28/20 12:00 PM

ILP adventure

ILP isn’t just for when you’re single — we have countries all over that you can volunteer in with your spouse!

If a one week honeymoon doesn’t seem quite long enough, think about volunteering with ILP! We have several countries that married volunteers can apply for, with a few discounts up for grabs. 

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We could go on forever about why volunteering with your spouse is such a great idea (things like making amazing memories together and learning about your partner in such a new atmosphere comes to mind) but we’ll leave that for later. Good luck choosing between these countries! 


Our secret gem of a program! This country has got it all ... the best weather, the best food, the easiest language to learn for most volunteers, and seriously gorgeous vacation spots. There are so many spots to explore close by that you could jump on the bus (where tickets are crazy cheap by the way) and spend every Saturday and Sunday exploring another city.

Price: $2,520 per person*
Semesters: Spring (Jan-April), Summer (May-August), Fall (late August-Dec)
Learn about our Mexico program here

We currently have a discount available for married couples in this location — $500 off for the both of you (so, $250 each). Talk to your ILP representative about more details! 

ILP mexico

Dominican Republic

If the island life is calling your name, you might want to check out our humanitarian program in the DR! Volunteers here all share space in a house, but  we've got a room in the house where you and your spouse can stay together (don't worry, it's private), while still enjoying the dynamic of living abroad with a group of new friends. 

Our favorite part of the Dominican though are those cutie kids in the neighborhood who run up to you on the street wanting some hugs and to play. Adorable.

Price: $3,720 per person
Semesters: Spring (Jan-April), Summer (May-August), Fall (late August-Dec)
Learn about our DR program here

ILP Adventure


Since all volunteers live with host families in this country, it does depends if ILP can coordinate with a host family who is able to accommodate host the two of you for the semester you're applying for, so availability may change semester to semester but often works out. 

If we can, be sure you and your spouse get ready for a semester full of stunning cathedrals and Ukrainian culture! Be sure to visit the Big Mama statue, explore the depths of the metro and of course, think about where else in Europe you’d love to travel during your vacations. We think places like Greece are on your bucket list. 

Price: $2,520 per person
Semesters: Spring (Group1: Jan-April or Group 2: Jan-early June), Summer (April-July), Fall (late August-Dec)
Learn about our Ukraine program here

ILP Ukraine


If you and your partner are wanting to go to Russia, apply ASAP. We have some limited spots available in this fantastic country, so you'll need to quickly fill out your application. 

All our ILP volunteers love exploring all the things in Russia  — spend weekends hanging out at Red Square, come home with a zillion pictures of St. Basil's cathedral, and of course, travel all around Europe. Our volunteers in Russia love visiting everywhere from Italy to Estonia. 

We think Russia is another one of those spots where you're going to get the best bang for your buck. Russian visas can be a bit expensive, but it's included in your ILP program fee ... so if you're ever going to see Russia in your lifetime, this is the time to do it!

Price: $2,520 per person
Semesters: Spring (late Jan-May) and Fall (late August-Dec)
Learn about our Russia program here

ILP Russia


Romania is a very unique program for ILP here you don't serve in the classroom by teaching, but instead you serve by helping in an orphanage program. Volunteers also get the unique experience to volunteer in a group of apartments owned by the orphanage, where children from the orphanage live before getting ready for adoption. 

If helping children to grow by providing one-on-one attention and support is your thing, Romania is the humanitarian program for you guys!

Price: $5,420 per person
Semesters: Spring (Jan-April), Summer (May-August) and Fall (late August-Dec)
Learn about our Romania orphanage program here

ILP Romania

Costa Rica 

If you and your spouse are into hikes through dense jungles, adventure through waterfalls, hanging out on white sand beaches and exploring all the rainforest has to offer, Costa Rica is for you.

We're thrilled to add it to our Humanitarian program and let married couples know that you can volunteer in Costa Rica and have a packed semester of adventure. Favorite vacation spots also include places like Mexico or Panama, letting you really experience Central America during your time abroad. 

Price: $3,720 per person
Semesters: Spring (Jan-April), Summer (May-August) and Fall (late August-Dec)
Learn about our Costa Rica program here

ILP Adventure


Nicaragua is meant for the adventurous couple who are looking to go off the beaten path and have some thrilling adventures, all while making a difference. Nicaragua is the hotspot for volcanoes — you can hike 'em, kayak in the craters, camp on the slopes, peer over the rims to see boiling lava for yourself and even slide down the side during an afternoon of volcano boarding. 

Nicaragua is also full of rainforests, miles of gorgeous coastline and high adventures, like ziplining and canyoneering. Want beaches? Head to the beyond dreamy Corn Islands for swaying palm trees, soft white sand, and blue water. 

Price: $3,720 per person
Semesters: Spring (Jan-April), Summer (May-August) and Fall (late August-Dec)
Learn about our Nicaragua program here

ILP Nicaragua


Come spend a semester in Africa! Married couples will join an ILP group for a few month of service and safari — spend your time teaching English, working to repair springs to provide fresh water, and exploring what the country of Uganda has to offer. Safaris full of big cats and speckled giraffes, adventures like white-water rafting down the Nile River, and hikes to thundering waterfalls are what's waiting for you. Vacation wise, plan on flying over to Tanzania for a dreamy week or two on the perfect beaches of Zanzibar. 

Spots in Uganda are dependent on housing, so apply ASAP if you're eyeing a spot here with your spouse! 

Price: $5,470 per person*
Semesters: Spring (late Jan-April), Summer (May-August) and Fall (late August-Dec)
Learn about our Uganda program here

*We currently have a discount available for married couples in this location — $500 off for the both of you (so, $250 each). Talk to your ILP representative about more details! 

ILP Uganda

Do you both have your passports ready?

You will have a tough time trying to decide what sort of international honeymoon you and your spouse want...and if you need a little more help deciding, come talk to an ILP rep who can answer your questions and get you a little more info! Text Me! I've Got Questions


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*Because of the worldwide pandemic, travel options are limited and frequently changing. You'll need to do additional research as resources + activities shared in this post may or may not be available at the time of your trip.

ILP volunteers — work closely with your Program Manager who can help you understand current country entrance requirements which will determine what countries you can visit during your semester. 



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