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Top Cheapest Places To Travel Around The World

Posted by Cherish Germaine on 12/8/16 10:54 AM

ILP Thailand

Wanna know where some of the cheapest places around the world to travel to are? You've come to the right place! 

Got the travel bug? Us too! Finding great deals on vacation destinations is a key factor for most travelers. The cheaper it is, the more places you can afford to see right? 

Know that there are cheaper ways to see the world than just a week long vacation. When you volunteer abroad, you typically get the most bang for the buck when you choose a program with a longer time frame.

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Affording A Semester Abroad
ILP's volunteer semesters are 4-5 months and that's really the cheapest way to see the world and immerse yourself in the culture. If you've only got enough time for a quick trip though, here's some of the most affordable places you can choose:
  • Thailand 
  • Indonesia
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Poland
  • Ireland
  • Hungary  
  • Nicaragua
  • Mexico

Southeast Asia 

All across Asia, you can travel on a budget of about $25 a day. Seriously.  though, you'll probably be able to find hostels for as little as $4 a night and dinner for about $2.50 a plate or less!

The least affordable thing about Asia is the flight getting there. The long flight from the US can take up most of your vacation budget, but keep an eye out for a cheap flight.  If you fly during the low season and are flexible with your dates or are willing to take long layovers, you can find more affordable prices

.... OR, just volunteer with ILP because we've got programs in China and Thailand and your flight price is covered in your program fee. Live there for a few months and see way more than you would in a week!

Here are a few of our favorite places to travel to on a budget:


Come live in Thailand with ILP — spend a whole semester exploring Buddhist temples, unreal beaches, riding elephants and teaching English to a classroom of cuties. Thailand is really affordable and since ILP covers your housing and meals, your money goes a lot further when it comes to vacation time. 


Similarly priced to Thailand, you can easily stay on a budget and have a blast while taking in all that Indonesia has to offer. Don't forget to try drift-snorkeling while traveling in Bali!  A vacation in Bali is one of the spots our ILP Thailand volunteers love. 


You'll come to see the magnificent  Angkor Wat Temple, but you'll stay for the amazing beaches and jungles. Cambodia has quickly become a top travel destination for ILP volunteers because of the amazing things to see and do, but also because of how cheap it is! 


Some tourists shy away from China because they're worried about not being able to speak Mandarin, but don't let that stop you from going (seriously, you can get around China even if you don't know the language)!

If you're vacationing here for a short time, stick to major cities like Shanghai and Beijing and you'll have plenty to see and do (hello, Great Wall) there. But if you have more time (like if you're living in China for a semester with ILP), you can take a vacation in Southern China and see places like Yangshuo.

volunteer in china


Let's just make this clear, if you're on a budget, Europe in general is not the cheapest region of the world. Actually, it's one of the most expensive.

But ... if you're headed to Europe there are ways to make it easier on your budget and a lot of that has to do with which countries you choose to travel to. If you choose a hotspot like Italy or Switzerland (or really most of western Europe) your costs are going to be way way higher than if you choose a budget country like Slovakia or Hungary.

There are also many cheap ways to travel through Europe. This may come as a surprise but you can find cheap accommodations and transportation in a lot of European countries. Here are some of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe: 


Poland is central to Europe and is a hub for many discount airlines. So many people travel to and from Poland because the flights are incredibly cheap, but don't overlook exploring this beautiful country on your way through.  It has a mix of historical and modern, depending on where you go. Plus...castles. Enough said. 

You can even spend a semester volunteering in Europe and visit Poland on a long weekend. 


Oh, Ireland. This one might be surprising but flight prices over the past few years have dropped and there are tons of free things to see and do in Dublin. Plus tons of budget shopping, score! Come here for a vacation full of rolling green hills, dramatic cliffs, castles and some awesome food. 


Another one of my favorite countries that I got to visit during my semester abroad with ILP was Hungary. Check out these top 10 free things you can do in Budapest! It's definitely a budget friendly place. 

ILP Europe

Latin America

This is another part of the world where your money can go far — Right now, ILP has a few countries here which makes your costs even lower.


Maybe Nicaragua isn't on your travel list, but it should be! This country is full of volcanoes, Caribbean islands, stretches of beaches, dense jungles, river rafting and adventures, all for a good price. Think about getting a chocolate massage or boarding down the side of a volcano, all for just a few dollars. Those volunteering in Central America  are lucky, lucky! 


I can fly to Mexico for cheaper than what it costs for me to fly from one state to another when I go home for Christmas. Actually...maybe I'll just spend Christmas in Mexico instead (sorry, mom). 

Watch the flights from the US to Mexico and you'll be blown away by some great prices you can get. Popular tourist destinations like Cancun could get expensive, but you can spot some hidden gems that only cost a few dollars (like these hot springs). Plus, the food here is to die for and is so cheap.

ILP Mexico

Wanting to save money and still travel the world?

ILP might be a great fit for you — we make it easy to travel on a budget by taking care of your airfare, housing, meals and a few other perks during your semester.

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