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Your European Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Auvi Evans on 12/19/16 4:10 PM


You've made it to Europe! There are amazing opportunities while you are traveling, taking a gap year or volunteering with International Language Programs (ILP). But, now that you're here there are some essential things you HAVE to see, do and eat. Here is our "Scavenger Hunt" list of a few musts! 

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Scavenger Hunt/To Do List

  • Visit a Castle
  • Find Incredible Architecture
  • Eat Gelato
  • Take a Boat Ride Through a Canal
  • Spot Old Ladies on a Bus
  • Visit a Beach
  • Buy Lunch From a Street Market
  • Buy Street Art
  • Feed Pigeons
  • Fall in Love with Cute Kids

Visit a Castle


Europe is full of incredible castles. This one is in Germany, but you can find thousands of castles scattered throughout different countries. Make sure you read up on the history of the castles you visit so you don't miss out on some amazing stories! Click here for a list of castles in each European Country. 

Find Incredible Architecture


With buildings that are hundreds and even thousands of years old than the United States itself, Europe is full of rich history and gorgeous architecture. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled in every city you visit and you'll be sure to stumble upon some beautiful buildings!

Eat Gelato


Gelato is a must have treat all over Europe (but if you are in Italy check out this place! 150 flavors!). A lot of the countries you'll visit will have gelato and you have so many flavors awaiting you!

Boat Rides Through Canals


Here is something else you can do in more countries than just Italy. Did you know that there are several places with amazing, windy canals? Amsterdam, Stockholm, Bruges and Birmingham are just a few!

Spot Old Ladies on the Bus


Europe has amazing public transportation and is a great place for people watching. Some of the weirdest and funniest things that happen on your trip abroad could happen on the bus, so keep your eyes open!

Visit a Beach


Doesn't it feel like a view this beautiful would be found in the Caribbean or somewhere tropical? Well, Europe is loaded with beaches that you can't miss out on! Croatia, Greece and Ukraine all have beautiful beaches and there are many other amazing beaches to visit and and enjoy. Pack a swimsuit!

Buy Lunch at a Street Market


You'll find plenty of street markets as you explore the city you are visiting. Don't be shy, check out what you can buy. You can find beautiful flowers, unique souvenirs and delicious food scattered throughout the booths. Grab a pastry, some fruit, kabobs or any other food you stumble upon. Yum!

Buy Street Art

You will definitely want to take back sounvenirs to remember your trip. We are a big fan of street art!! It's a great way to support the locals of where you are visiting and it's  an amazing souveinir that will help you remember the beauty of the city. You'll be able to spot art booths throughout the city or research well known markets ahead of time.

Feed Pigeons


You'll spot pigeons everywhere and hey, they need love too! Grab some bread and take a second to stop at a park, people watch and feed the pigeons. You can join the little kids and lets be honest, you'll be just as excited! 

Fall in Love With Cute Kids


While living abroad for a semester and volunteering with ILP you will be teaching English to the cutest kids around. They will steal your whole heart and you'll be obsessed with them! This is one of the best things about your trip with ILP! 

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