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Emily Ekker

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Q+A With Anna: A Volunteer In Uganda, Africa

Posted by Emily Ekker on 10/13/23 12:46 PM

What's it like to volunteer in Uganda, Africa? After volunteering here for a few months, Anna answered some questions about her experience.

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Topics: All About ILP + Volunteering, Africa

Finding The Best Beaches (+ Places To Swim) On Efate, Vanuatu

Posted by Emily Ekker on 8/11/22 5:45 AM

If you're headed to Vanuatu, you're likely to find yourself on the main island of Efate at some point in your trip ... and lucky for you this island is packed full of the dreamiest beaches and swimming spots.

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Topics: South Pacific

The Best Places To Zip Line In Costa Rica

Posted by Emily Ekker on 7/22/22 9:00 AM

It's not a secret that Costa Rica is insanely gorgeous, but some of the best places to zip line might be a little hidden. 

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Topics: Central America

Phuket, Thailand: A Bucketlist Destination

Posted by Emily Ekker on 5/29/22 2:37 PM

Phuket is definitely a major bucketlist destination for many travelers, and it is mostly popular because it is a great jumping off point to the other Thai islands. However, we’ve discovered lots of gems on this island that make it well worth a visit! 

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Topics: Asia

Experience 3 Different Cultures in Toledo, Spain

Posted by Emily Ekker on 4/29/22 10:08 AM

Known as "The City of Three Cultures" — there's a rich religious history of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish heritage here. Don't miss one of Spain's best-preserved towns!

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Topics: Europe

A Day In The Life Of An ILP Volunteer In Thailand

Posted by Emily Ekker on 3/25/22 11:50 AM

I spent a whole semester living in Thailand, and I get asked all the time, "What was living in Thailand REALLY like?" 

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Topics: Asia

Visiting France's Mont Saint Michel Is Like Stepping Into A Fairytale

Posted by Emily Ekker on 2/20/22 11:29 AM

Be ready to be transported back in time when you explore the magical fairytale city of Mont Saint Michel. 

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Topics: Europe

Our Fav Local Spots In Phitsanulok That You Can’t Miss!

Posted by Emily Ekker on 12/15/21 9:43 AM

We've gathered up all of our volunteer's top P-lo picks, like their go-to smoothie stands, yummiest restaurants, and fav souvenir shops, all in one place just for you!

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Topics: Asia

Explore Madrid, A Foodie And Art Lover's Heaven!

Posted by Emily Ekker on 10/26/21 12:06 PM

If your travel dreams are made up of charming cities, exploring art museums and sampling local delicacies, then Madrid is the perfect little getaway for you! 

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Topics: Europe

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We are ILP, a Utah-based non-profit org that has service abroad opportunities for college-age volunteers. We love travel so we're sharing all our tips for making the most of your time living abroad + seeing the world, and how to do it all on the tiniest budget.

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