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Vacationing In Boca Del Toro, Panama

Posted by Emily Cummings on 8/26/18 1:59 PM

As if the chance to live abroad in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico isn’t enough, our ILP volunteers there also get the chance to vacation in Boca Del Toro, Panama. Um, is this real life?

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Topics: Costa Rica, Nicaragua

Where You Should Volunteer If You Love The Sun

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 8/5/18 4:39 PM

There are many factors that go into picking the perfect ILP country and weather may be one of them. Some people love cooler weather while others prefer sunshine and hot temperatures every day. If you're in the latter group, we got some perfect countries for you!

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Topics: Mexico, Thailand, Life Abroad, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Costa Rica, Nicaragua

Why Nicaragua Became My Favorite Place

Posted by Emily Cummings on 7/15/18 4:47 PM

It can be tricky choosing which ILP country you want to volunteer in but after reading a bit about Nicaragua, that decision might be a little easier to make. 

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The 2 New LDS Temples Near ILP Volunteers

Posted by Auvi Evans on 7/14/18 3:10 PM

During the April 2018 LDS General Conference we got an awesome surprise of seven new temples being announced! Two of these will affect ILP volunteers and give them some pretty unique opportunities.

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Topics: Russia, LDS, Nicaragua

Relax In Nicaragua With These Tasty Massages

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 7/2/18 2:09 PM

Do you love massages? Do you love chocolate? If you answered yes to both of those, I have the perfect activity for you when you're living in Nicaragua for a semester. It may sound a little weird, but that's what makes it fun!

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Topics: Life Abroad, Hidden Gems, Nicaragua

What You Need To Know Before Vacationing In Monteverde, Costa Rica

Posted by Emily Cummings on 6/16/18 3:34 PM

Especially if you'll be volunteering in Costa Rica or Nicaragua, you've got to spend about a weekend (or more) in Monteverde. 

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Topics: Travel Destinations, Costa Rica, Nicaragua

What You Should Do In Panama City, Panama

Posted by Auvi Evans on 5/31/18 11:05 AM

Spending a semester abroad in Nicaragua or Costa Rica with ILP? Well start planning this vacation to Panama City, like.... now! A city full of vibrant colors, warm water, colonial buildings, and rich history is waiting for you.

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Topics: Travel Destinations, Costa Rica, Nicaragua

Choosing Which Volcanoes To Hike In Nicaragua

Posted by Emily Cummings on 5/28/18 9:58 AM

When you’re living or volunteering in Nicaragua for an entire semester, you have  to hike at least one of the 19 volcanoes that call this country home.

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Topics: Hidden Gems, Nicaragua

Boca Chica Is Your Ideal Panama Paradise

Posted by Emily Cummings on 5/26/18 9:43 AM

If you’ll be volunteering in Central America with ILP, you’ll get vacation days. Now, you’re welcome to hang out in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, islands in the Caribbean or Mexico on vacation …. but we think you should add Panama to your list.

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Topics: Travel Destinations, Hidden Gems, Costa Rica, Nicaragua

Don't Miss Out On Visiting Leon, Nicaragua

Posted by Auvi Evans on 4/21/18 11:32 AM

Nicaragua is captivating country that you will quickly fall in love with. Leon is a city that is no different. Volunteers, you're definitely going to want to check out this rad town during your semester abroad in Nicaragua!

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