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Poland Is Only Hours Away From These 9 European Destinations!

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/10/17 6:25 PM

ILP Europe

If you haven’t heard, you can live abroad in Poland as an ILP Volunteer! Sign up quick to be one of the first teachers to teach and live in Krakow. Get all the details on what life will be like in Poland and start planning out your vacations because our newest location is just hours away from cities that are bound to be on anyone’s bucket list.If you’ve always dreamed of taking weekend trip to cities in Europe while actually living in a foreign country, Poland’s a dream come true for you. Learn all about our teaching method and what life will be like as an ILP volunteer living here, but also get your passport ready.

ILP teachers are in the classroom around 20 hours a week, with weekends and vacation time to explore their country and countries around it…meaning our Polish volunteers can take trips that are only hours away from some truly unforgettable destinations. In just a few hours by plane you can find yourself in any one of these 9 countries! 

You might be thinking...wait. Flying is really expensive right? Not always in Poland! There's several budget airlines that have a hub in Krakow (where volunteers live) so you can often find incredible deals.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Stockholm, Sweden 
  • Kristiansand, Norway 
  • Prague, Czech Republic 
  • Berlin, Germany 
  • Budapest, Hungry 
  • Vienna, Austria 
  • Milan, Italy 
  • Riga, Latvia 

Copenhagen, Denmark

The fastest flights are just under 3 hours, giving you plenty of time to explore the brightly colored canals of Nyhavn and wander around the picturesque chapels that dot the city skyline. Warm up to Scandinavia on a long weekend in Denmark

Stockholm, Sweden 

While a flight to Stockholm will take about 4 hours, you will love a walk down Old Town, soaking in the sights of Stockholm. Take plenty of pictures of the charming and colored buildings that line the canals and fall in love with the castles and museums. You won’t want to leave Stockholm, but a short train ride can get you to other sites in Sweden, like Sigtuna; Sweden’s first town! This postcard perfect town was first founded in 980 AD (the final century of Viking times!).

ILP Europe

Kristiansand, Norway 

Pack your hiking shoes on your 4.5 hour flight to this city; Norway’s dark and lush forests, breathtaking mountains and glittering rivers are a dream. A trip up to Oslo will double your flight time so enjoy this country’s beauty by visiting south Norway on a long weekend. 

Prague, Czech Republic

In the time it takes you to watch one the Lord of Rings movies, you can be in Prague (how cool is that?!) ILP Volunteers love going to Prague to check out the beyond gorgeous cathedrals and the cobblestoned streets. For all of your foodies out there, the food in Prague is worth the plane ticket alone! 

ILP Europe

Berlin, Germany 

Plan a longer trip to Germany for two reasons; the flight is about 7 hours long and there is so much to do! I’d recommend seeing more of German than just Berlin, but while you are in town, visit the remnants of the Berlin Wall or the Holocaust museum. No trip to Berlin would be complete without some architecture; check out the Brandenburg Gate and the Gendarmenmarkt for a truly Instagram worthy shot. 

Budapest, Hungry

Another favorite spot is in Hungry; A short flight gives you a weekend that is sure to keep you busy and can actually help you save money…check out our 10 free things to do in Budapest! Castle Hill and the Parliament building shouldn’t be missed. 


Vienna, Austria 

Spend afternoons lunching in cool cafes between sites like the Imperial Palace and the Naschmarkt; a collection of awesome flea and street markets. If you visit in the warmer months, can rent bikes through the city, meaning you can see even of Vienna on your vacation from Krakow. 

Milan, Italy  

Who doesn’t dream of going to Italy? Make that dream come true and fly from Krakow and eat your weight in gelato while crossing off places on your bucket list like seeing art by Michelangelo. The flight to Italy is about 7 hours from Krakow; I suggest you see other Italian cities like Rome or Venice while you are there! 

ILP Europe Volunteers in Italy

Riga, Latvia 

5 hour or so transports you from Krakow to Riga, picture a city filled with ancient cathedrals, tall spires, and winding alleyways. Take walking tour to visit grand palaces, ancientVienna, Austri castles and Europe’s largest market. Seriously, these markets are huge and used to house nine German zeppelins; where else would you like to grab a pastry breakfast before exploring Riga

Like I said, you are going to have a tough choice deciding where to visit with all these options...and that's not even the gems found in Poland! Want advice on living like a local while in Eastern Europe or how to fit all this itinerary between teaching English? Get your questions answered by talking to a representative! 

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