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Holly Harrington

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Stop By Poznan On Your Trip Through Poland

Posted by Holly Harrington on 12/25/21 8:00 AM

We're here to say it: Poland is a favorite. Gorgeous cities and architecture, delicious local foods, rich history, and incredible hikes. The only questions are, which cities should you visit and what should you do there?

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Topics: Europe

A Guide To Hiking In The Czech Republic: Come See Český Ráj!

Posted by Holly Harrington on 4/12/21 11:46 AM

Just a little ways north of Prague is a beautiful, natural park with breathtaking views and unique rock formations. For those of you who are nature lovers or who just want to take a break from the city, Česky Ráj is the place to visit! You can see for yourself why the Czechs call this area a paradise.

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Topics: Europe

Which Greek Island Is Right For Your Vacation?

Posted by Holly Harrington on 3/30/21 12:15 PM

Is Greece on your bucketlist too? And ready to make it happen for reals? During your travels through Greece, you'll definitely want to stop by one of its islands in the Mediterranean Sea and snag a pic of those iconic coastlines. Shouldn't be too hard to decide — but holy cow there's like 6,000 islands. Which one should you visit?

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Topics: Europe

All About A Trip To Brisbane, Australia

Posted by Holly Harrington on 3/12/21 12:00 PM

Dreaming about an Australian vacay? Being Australia's largest city and a major travel hub, you might find yourself in Brisbane if you're headed this way — the good news is whether you're looking for an adventure or are more of a city wanderer, there's something for everyone in Brisbane.

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Topics: Asia, South Pacific

Books To Read Before Your Semester In Thailand

Posted by Holly Harrington on 3/6/21 6:15 AM

So you're headed to Thailand? And can't stop thinking about it? Yeah, I know exactly what that's like. While you're obsessing, grab one of these books about Thailand — it's a great way to dive into the culture and the history a bit before your trip.

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Topics: Get Ready For Your ILP Trip, Asia

Český Krumlov Is Your New Favorite Czech Vacay + Here's Why

Posted by Holly Harrington on 2/28/21 12:57 PM

If you ever find yourself planning a trip to the Czech Republic, don't lock yourself into only visiting Prague. Yes I know it's their most famous city and there's plenty to see and do there, but trust me when I say that there's a lot more that the Czech Republic has to offer. One of them being the adorable town named Český Krumlov.

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Topics: Europe

Cuetzalan, Mexico: The Magic Town You Haven't Heard About Yet

Posted by Holly Harrington on 2/16/21 8:15 AM

Most tourists coming to Mexico never hear about this quaint little town which means they miss out on the rich history and culture Cuetzalan has to offer. Let's make sure that doesn't happen to you.

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Topics: Central America

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep? How To Overcome Jet Lag

Posted by Holly Harrington on 2/8/21 9:45 AM

You just finished your long flight over to a new country and what's the first thing you want to do? Go walk around and explore the city, maybe sample some of the local cuisine, or spend time practicing the language. Nope. You probably just want to go to sleep.

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Topics: Get Ready For Your ILP Trip, All The Travel Tips

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