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Emily Henkel

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We're Raving About All The Things To Do In San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Posted by Emily Henkel on 12/26/22 3:06 PM

Ready for another city to fall in love with in Mexico? San Luis Potosi is your next obsession (with plenty of weekend trips to explore once you've tackled the city). 

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Topics: Central America

Sleep Overnight In Floating Bungalows in Khao Sok National Park

Posted by Emily Henkel on 12/19/22 3:46 PM

Nestled in the southern part of Thailand is a verdant green jungle, home to colorful bungalows floating on deep blue pools, hiding behind waterfalls and groups of jabbering monkeys — if you’re looking for a prettier place to relax, we wish you luck finding one!

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Topics: Asia

Your How To For The Perfect Vacation In Zanzibar

Posted by Emily Henkel on 12/16/22 12:15 PM

Our Africa volunteers are just a short flight away from what may be the most perfect beach vacation ever.

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Topics: Africa

A Weekend Guide To Guadalajara, Mexico

Posted by Emily Henkel on 12/15/22 11:06 AM

Anyone volunteering in Mexico could spend every single weekend visiting one of the rad cities that are just a short bus ride away, but definitely make sure to spend at least one weekend in Guadalajara! 

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Topics: Central America

We Are All About Vacationing In Monteverde, Costa Rica

Posted by Emily Henkel on 12/12/22 9:00 AM

With lush jungles, hikes, zip lining, cloud forests, and more in Monteverde, you can't skip out on a vacation here. 

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Topics: Central America

Which ILP Countries Are Best If I’m On A Tight Budget?

Posted by Emily Henkel on 12/7/22 10:15 AM

If you're wanting to save the most money but still have weekends full of adventures, you'll want to check out our most affordable ILP countries. 

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Topics: Asia, Central America, Saving Money + Fundraising, Caribbean

Which ILP Program Is Best For You?

Posted by Emily Henkel on 12/5/22 9:30 AM

Wondering which country is best? We have a few questions to consider before you start picking!

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Topics: All About ILP + Volunteering, Orphanage + Humanitarian

Spend A Couple Days In Stone Town, Zanzibar

Posted by Emily Henkel on 12/1/22 1:00 PM

I know you’re here in Zanzibar for the beyond dreamy beaches, but you’ll be missing out if you’re not spending at least some time in Stone Town. 

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Topics: Africa

How Do I Know What Type Of ILP Teaching Supplies To Bring?

Posted by Emily Henkel on 11/29/22 7:45 AM

If you’re teaching English on your semester abroad with ILP you’ll need to bring at least 1 suitcase full of teaching supplies to use in your ILP lessons — the question is, what supplies should I bring?

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Topics: Get Ready For Your ILP Trip, All About ILP + Volunteering

Monte Alban Might Be Our Favorite Day Trip From Oaxaca, Mexico

Posted by Emily Henkel on 11/26/22 10:38 AM

If you want to see hilltop ruins and have some of the best food around while you're in Mexico, you should plan on visiting Oaxaca — this part of the country boasts dozens of day trips we love, like the imposing ancient ruins of Monte Alban. 

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Topics: Central America

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