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Best Hashtags To Use While You’re Traveling

Posted by Emily Cummings on 6/6/18 12:56 PM

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If you’re traveling the world and want everyone to know about it, use these hashtags to amp up your exposure.

Anyone who travels is all-too familiar with Instagram. I mean, how else you do you brag about those cool travel pics if you aren’t posting about them? Especially if you are looking to be a travel blogger or just increase your following, you should be using hashtags. But which ones to use? Pretty much everyone wants more followers on Instagram, so using the right hashtags for your dreamy ILP vacations and other trips are key. 

ILP is short for International Language Programs — We send college-aged volunteers abroad to countries all over the world to make a difference and travel (sign me up, right?). Get more info here. 

We’ve done a bit a research to give you a list of the best hashtags to use while traveling to let more people see your feed (plus some other Instagram tips for travelers). 

  • Start With These Hashtags
  • Always Post 30
  • More Hashtag Strategies
  • Some Other Instagram Tips 

Start With These Hashtags

Note — these are very popular travel hashtags, with several thousand (or even a million or several million) uses. There really isn’t a magical mix of hashtags you can use to get more followers, but these hashtags are popular for a reason.

It’s a better strategy to take your picture, then pick a few hashtags from each category, varying between more popular hashtags and more specific ones, rather than just using all popular hashtags. It's a good idea to start with a popular hashtag (like "traveler" and add variations). 

Read more about the strategy on using these popular hashtags to help you boost your exposure below, but these can get you started: 

Explore/Wander/Travel Hashtags — 


Photography Hashtags — 

#canon or #canonphotography
#nikon or #nikonphotography

+Insta/Gram Hashtags — 

#InstaParis (Or wherever you are in the world)

Hashtag Your Location + What’s Around You —

#ocean or #oceanside

Hashtag What You Are Doing (or things in the pictures) — 


A Note on Hashtags — 

You can make these more specific by adding on a couple of words, like #cyclingabroad instead of just #cycling, or #volcanohikes instead of just #hiking. Put the location along with a description, so it’s #ThailandSunsets instead of just #sunsets. This will help your posts be seen by more people. 

ILP Europe

Always Post 30 

If you’re posting on Instagram, you have a limit of 30 hashtags, so use all 30 every time you post. You don’t want to miss out on a hashtag that could pull in a lot of followers by just posting a few hashtags. Might as well use all 30. 

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More Hashtag Strategies

Vary The Popularity 

#travel has around 290 million uses (and growing) so it’s very popular and a lot of people are using it, but that means it’s also harder to be seen. Something like #travelourworld has around 2,000 uses, so it will be easier to be seen if you use that hashtag. You might also get categorized as a Top Post by getting lots of likes on a less popular hashtag.

Our advice?
Use a couple of the popular hashtags, then get more specific by varying those hashtags (or use less-popular hashtags) to help give your feed more exposure. 

Stalk Other Accounts

If you love popular travel accounts, see what hashtags they are using to help guide which hashtags you should use. You can also use a particular brand’s hashtags to help boost your chances of getting a feature on their account which will help get your feed out there. If you booked a trip using a site to get you cheap flights (like Scott’s Cheap Flights or Skyscanner) put #skyscanner or #scottscheapflights in your hashtag. 

You can also tag accounts for a possible repost from them. If you are taking a vacation in Bali, Indonesia, tag @wonderfulIndonesia (or whatever country’s IG account) to up your chances of them featuring you.

Be Area Specific 

Other travelers use hashtags to do a little research about a certain country, so use that to your advantage. Things like #Europe #France #EiffelTower and #Paris are good, but general — try to hone in and be more specific. #LunchinParis or #EiffelTowerView have less views and are more market-specific. 

Use An App

You can get paid or free versions to preview the hashtags you should be using. An app like "Preview" has you  pick a topic (like traveling) and it will pull up suggestions for your post. 

ILP Costa Rica

Some Other Instagram Tips

Besides making your pictures look awesome (here are tips for taking better pictures with your iPhone) a caption can help draw in more followers  — Pst, that link has a few ideas on how to edit your pictures to look amazing too.  Funny little captions, asking your followers a question they’d love to answer or post  cool travel quotes for your feed can also help. 

Using right hashtags is a big part of being featured on the ILP Instagram! If you don’t tag us in your pic or use your country’s hashtag (or #ilpadventure), we might not see your rad photo and won’t ever get the chance to feature you on our feed. 


Oh and if you're wanting a way to do some traveling (like the chance to spend a semester volunteering in Europe or any other ILP country) come with International Language Programs! You are there to teach English or volunteer in an orphanage (no experience necessary) but you also get vacation time while volunteering. 

Get more info by chatting with an ILP representative who can answer all of your questions: 

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