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Spend A Weekend Hiking Sipi Falls + Wanale Ridge in Uganda

Posted by Emily Cummings on 12/10/18 2:55 PM

“It might be the most amazing place I have ever been to.” 

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Topics: Uganda

Basic Phrases In Luganda To Know For Your Semester In Uganda

Posted by Emily Cummings on 12/6/18 1:06 PM

You don’t need to know another language to volunteer in Africa with ILP, but learning a bit can help! 

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Topics: Uganda, Life Abroad

How To Make Your Service Abroad Go Even Further

Posted by Jen King on 11/19/18 11:32 AM

While you're volunteering abroad with ILP, you can spread your service to more than just the classroom. Here's what some of our volunteers have been doing recently.

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Topics: Making a Difference, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Uganda

What To Expect Before Living In Africa

Posted by Emily Cummings on 11/13/18 4:54 PM

Headed off to a semester in Uganda? Here is  a head’s up on what to expect the minute you get off the plane. 

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Want To Help Feed Baby Elephants On Your Semester In Uganda?

Posted by Emily Cummings on 11/9/18 9:17 AM

You’ll be able to hang out with elephants on safari of course, but at this wildlife conservation centre, you can help baby elephant Edward or little Charles with breakfast.  

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Special Service Projects You Can Get Involved With In Uganda!

Posted by Jen King on 11/8/18 2:17 PM

We're really excited about all the ways volunteers can make an impact in Uganda. Of course you'll get the classic ILP experience of helping local kindergarteners learn English ... but there's so much more in store.

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Topics: Uganda, Making a Difference, Life Abroad, Benefits of Volunteering

Escape to Lamu Island In Kenya

Posted by Emily Cummings on 10/31/18 9:26 AM

We’re dreaming of island getaways off the coast of Africa … anyone headed to Uganda should schedule a trip to the Lamu Island during their vacation time, that’s for sure.

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Topics: Uganda

Your Guide To Safaris In Uganda

Posted by Emily Cummings on 10/30/18 1:00 PM

Headed to Uganda? Lucky you! There are a few world-class spots to safari in this ILP country! 

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Topics: Uganda

Check Out This Dreamy Lake Getaway in Uganda

Posted by Jen King on 10/23/18 2:49 PM

"Magical" and "beautiful" are just a couple descriptions you'll hear people say about this Ugandan destination! 

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Topics: Uganda, Travel Destinations, Hidden Gems

Come Feed Chimpanzees At This Ugandan Island Sanctuary!

Posted by Jen King on 10/22/18 4:43 PM

Want to spend a Saturday during your semester in Uganda seeing and feeding chimpanzees while also supporting an organization with a good cause ... this is a perfect day trip for you!

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