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Everyday Ways To Save Money

Posted by Emily Cummings on 5/21/17 8:45 AM

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Looking for ways to save money? Join the club. Good thing there are tiny little ways to cut down on your spending so you have a little more cash for college — or maybe an international adventure? Okay so you can’t really live without spending any money at all (wouldn’t that be nice?) but there are some shortcuts you can take so your bank account doesn’t look so sad.  Especially if you are a student, there are tons of little hacks, like how to get your textbooks for cheap. Oh, and whenever you buy something,  always use your student discount —there are tons of ways you can save just by showing your student ID. 

Pst: you can also save money when you are living abroad — This free ebook tells you how to pay less for your ILP semester (trust me, saving money in a foreign country is way more fun than saving money at home).

But for the everyday little expenses, you can make an effort to save money so your cash can go to other *more important* or more fun things (like travel) — try these out: 

  • Eat Before Going Out With Friends
  • Wait 48 Hours
  • Borrow Things
  • Go To The Library
  • Live Free Challenge

Eat Before Going Out With Friends

Food can be expensive so cut costs: buy food in bulk and make your own meals — it’ll be way cheaper than eating out all of the time. If you have friends that love to eat out every night, let them know you’ll join them later (after you eat at home). If you do need want to treat yourself, download these apps that save you money on food so you aren’t spending as much. 

ILP Russia

Wait 48 Hours 

Gotta buy that candy bar at the checkout counter? Or have to have that new dress you saw at the mall? Love that new album? Take a little challenge and see if you can wait 48 hours before you buy something. Then after 2 days, if you still really want it, go for it. Hopefully it’ll stop you from making impulse buys and only purchasing things you really want. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can budget using the envelope system and only spend money on things you want from your envelope. When you’re outta money, no more spending.

Budget with envelopes

Borrow Things 

Don’t be afraid to borrow things! Post what you need online or ask your friends for a French flag and a speaker you can use in your presentation instead of buying one yourself. You won’t be able to borrow everything but it’s worth asking first before spending your own cash. 

ILP Europe

Go To The Library 

The library isn’t just for studying (though sometimes you can just borrow your textbooks instead of buying them — so check before you buy them yourself). Tons of public libraries (and university libraries) have shelves and shelves full of movies and television series — AKA free Netflix.  

Library pic

Live Free Challenge

I know I said you can’t live totally for free, but you can try, right? See if you can go 1 day without spending any money — no, not for a soda in between classes, and not to fill up your car. Drink water and walk if you can. If you can make it 1 day, can you make it 2? Or 3? No pressure if you break your streak, but it’s a fun little challenge to see how far you can go. 

ILP Lithuania

Oh and just a couple tips— it’s always easier to save money if you have a goal to work towards. That ice cream you really want doesn’t seem worth it if you think about how much you can buy with $3-4 when living in Asia! You can also check out more money saving hacks on our blog — there’s tons of tips like easy ways for students to make money

And to get a little more info on living abroad with ILP, come click that button right there (and get your passport ready!) 

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