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Lindsay Hall

Lindsay has done 4 semesters abroad living in Ukraine, China, Thailand, and Lithuania.

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Get Paid To Teach Abroad Or Volunteer (Which One Is Right For You?)

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 2/14/20 12:30 AM

You want to go live in another country for a bit, but there's a handful of ways to do it. 

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Topics: All About ILP + Volunteering

We're Loving The Tamul Waterfall in Mexico

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 2/12/20 9:27 AM

There are all kinds of hidden gems around the world you probably don't know about. They're not the common, most popular sites, but that's what makes them so cool!

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Topics: Central America

The Biggest Secret To Shopping In China!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 10/1/19 2:28 PM

Shopping in China is an adventure all of its own. If you're from the other side of the world like us, it's a whole new experience and you just can't miss out. 

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Topics: Asia

Do I Need To Be A Student To Volunteer With ILP?

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 9/17/19 2:30 PM

"I want to volunteer with ILP, but I'm not a student" — You're in luck! Here's what you need to know. 

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Topics: All About ILP + Volunteering

How To Pack For A 10-Day Trip In A Backpack

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 2/4/19 10:53 AM

Skip the suitcases and the duffel bags .... backpacks are the way to go. 

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Topics: All The Travel Tips

Everything You Need To Know About The Wudang Mountain In China

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 9/20/18 2:20 PM

When you think of China, you probably think about the pagoda roof tops, the Great Wall of China and giant pandas. What if I told you you should add mountains to that list? China has some AMAZING mountain ranges and one in particular will leave you saying, "wu-DANG"!

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Topics: Asia

What I Wish I Knew Before Going To Lithuania

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 9/19/18 1:12 PM

No matter how much you've traveled the world and how many countries you have checked off your list, going to a new country is always a new experience. There are always things you wish you had known beforehand that would have made your trip easier or more enjoyable. Lithuania is no exception!

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Topics: Get Ready For Your ILP Trip, Europe, All About ILP + Volunteering

The Best Places To Stay In Shanghai, China

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 9/15/18 12:41 PM

So you're planning a trip to Shanghai, China -- good choice! One of the hardest parts of planning a vacation to Shanghai is deciding where to stay. It's a huge city with so many options! You want to make sure you're staying next to all the cool stuff, right?

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Topics: Asia, All The Travel Tips

Gift Ideas To Give Your Volunteer Before They Leave

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 9/9/18 4:04 PM

If your volunteer is preparing to leave for their semester abroad and you're looking for gift ideas, these things may just be the perfect present they've been hoping for.

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Topics: Get Ready For Your ILP Trip, All The Travel Tips, For The Parents

How Much Of Each Clothing Item Should I Really Be Packing?

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 9/8/18 11:28 AM

When packing for an international trip, it's important to have a plan, especially when it comes to your clothes and how much you're bringing! It's so easy to bring too many clothes -- avoid that by sticking to these guidelines!

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Topics: Get Ready For Your ILP Trip, All The Travel Tips, All About ILP + Volunteering


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