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Places You Absolutely Can’t Miss In China

Posted by Emily Cummings on 6/30/17, 8:41 AM

The Globetrotting Ginger in JuizhaigouSorry to make this harder than it needs to be, but there are about a million cool places in China you’ll need to see when  you go! But luckily for you, we’ve narrowed it down to the must-see spots. 

Pst: We have way more info about all of these places (and more!) on our China Destination Guide. 

A trip to China will keep you busy, busy, busy! Even if you pick one or two cities, there are just so many things to do … but good luck choosing just a couple places to see because we have lots and lots of favorites. But if we had to narrow it down...



If you're a lover of Pinterest, you've probably seen the famous rice terraces of China found near a town called Guilin right? Any guide will send you there...but there's actually another lesser known town right next door - and not to knock the rice terraces at all, but you'd be seriously missing out if you didn't know to go spend a few days in Yangshuo.

Fall in love with Dr. Suess mountains and wear flower crowns while you float down the river on a bamboo raft? Yes please! 

Live in China with ILP

 (Aren't these Rice Terraces in Guilin dreamy?) 

ILP China


Get out your cameras because the mountains in Zhangjiajie are unbelievably photogenic. In a perfect world, you’d have a couple days to spend in the Avatar Mountains — the ones that inspired the Avatar movie!

One of the best parts is that pretty much only local Chinese tourists know about these mountains (and serious photographers), which means your friends back home will definitely be shocked and amazed when you start posting your photos of these incredible mountains that are such a hidden gem!

You can say you're a real traveler when you've explored this part of China. Get more info about Zhangjiajie here. 

ILP China Volunteers


This city I’m sure you’ve heard of and you just have to see the Great Wall while you’re here. 

While you’re in Beijing, you should also sharpen up your bargaining skills at the Pearl Market. This is one of the biggest markets in the world. We're talking multiple levels and thousands of vendors selling every knockoff your heart could ever want for crazy low prices.

Oh, and don’t forget about the Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square — this city will keep you very busy.

Sleep overnight on the Great Wall of China with ILP

But for anyone dying to see more of China, we have great news for you — our ILP volunteers spend a semester living abroad here and get vacation time to see these places and a few more! Teachers won’t spend more than 20 hours per week teaching English so you’ll have time on the weekends to visit favorite cities and also have vacation time to explore even more cities, like these...


Huanglong + Jiuzhaigou

These national parks are unbelievably gorgeous — they both have stunning pools or lakes of the most beautiful water, but have completely different feels. Huanglong has these cascading pools that go all down this mountain, framed by green, green mountains. It’s stunning.

The Jiuzhai Valley is also spectacular — it’s this big park full of pretty, pretty lakes and pristine forest. You will not need to filter any of your Instagram photos because the water here is so colorful and clear. 

ILP China

(Huanglong is like real-life Pinterest)

ILP China - Juizhaigou

(But we're also obsessed with Jiuzhaigou)

Shanghai + Suzhou 

There are lots of hidden gems in Shanghai so you can choose what you’d love to do here whether that’s wandering the alleyways of Tianzifang, gazing at the Bund skyline or eating your fill of Shanghai dumplings. 

But while you’re there, don’t miss taking a day trip to nearby Suzhou, nicknamed “the Venice of the east”. You’ll love the beautiful bridges, canals and amazing gardens. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 3.17.05 PM.png

(You'll want a relaxing day in Suzhou after the hustle and bustle of Shanghai)


Come see the Terracotta Warriors! This northern Chinese city is where you can see this famous site, but also where you can ride tandem bikes up on the city’s ancient wall.

Walk around the city to grab lunch in the Muslim Quarter, people watch in the gigantic city square and take an afternoon to explore the huge Wild Goose Pagoda.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 3.15.03 PM.png

Chengdu + Leshan

The adorably cute Giant Pandas call Chengdu home, so travel here to see these giants in real life — get to the Breeding and Research Center early to catch them snacking on bamboo. To see the  biggest Buddha ever,  (seriously, it’s huge — you could fit about 80 people just on one shoulder!) come to Leshan! The two cities are pretty close together, so you can definitely see them in the same trip. 

Giant Pandas in China

(Pandas in Chengdu...we're in love!)  

Leshan China Buddha with ILP China Volunteers

(This Buddha is HUGE.) 

Ready to see these spots and actually live in China for a few months? We've got a free guide to give you a better idea about what life is like here, but you can also check out our China Destination Guide for more info ... and start your application right now to secure your spot in this country! 

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