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Shoshana Weaver

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Explore the Mariyinsky Palace and Park in Kiev

Posted by Shoshana Weaver on 3/4/21 12:51 PM

While you are in Kiev, Ukraine, you ought to visit this historic and newly renovated landmark. The extravagant Mariyinsky Palace and its beautiful park are a lovely addition to a weekend excursion.

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Learn Some Basic Spanish Before Going Abroad

Posted by Shoshana Weaver on 2/25/21 9:28 AM

Volunteering in Mexico? Or spending your summer in Costa Rica? We've got semester abroad programs in a handful of Spanish speaking countries — why not pick up some basic Spanish before you go?

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Spend a Weekend in Marseille — The Oldest City in France

Posted by Shoshana Weaver on 2/21/21 1:04 PM

Everyone is booking tickets to Paris ... but have you considered heading south? Maybe it's time to check the seaside city of Marseille, France, where the Mediterranean sun brings spring earlier and the ancient port city is painted with bright colors.

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A Complete Guide to Visiting Stonehenge

Posted by Shoshana Weaver on 2/13/21 11:17 AM

Visiting England? While London alone could keep you busy, making the time to visit the impressive and iconic structures of Stonehenge is definitely worth it.

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Greek Easter + Celebrations During Your Spring Semester In Europe

Posted by Shoshana Weaver on 2/7/21 4:31 PM

Maybe you've heard of Greek Easter and wondered how it differs from other Easter traditions. Maybe you'll be visiting Europe over the Spring and want to join in on the celebrations while you're there. Or maybe you're just curious about everything. Whatever the case, here is an introduction to all things Greek Easter!

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