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Everything You Need To Know About The Canton Tower In Guangzhou, China

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 4/7/18 4:44 PM

When I say the Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China is a can't miss, I really mean it's a CAN'T MISS. The views, the rides (yep, I said rides) and just the sheer height of this tower make this a easy bucket list item for all you ILP volunteers!

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Volunteer With Pandas In China

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 3/19/18 10:36 AM

There are so many reasons you should consider volunteering for a semester in China, but one of the big ones is the pandas! There aren't many places around the world you can visit pandas and even fewer places where you can volunteer to work with them!

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Are You Prepared If Your VPN Stops Working In China On April 1, 2018?

Posted by Jen King on 3/16/18 3:12 PM

There's rumors circling the internet that China is going to shut down VPN use as of April 1, 2018. April fools? Maybe not.

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Who Zoo'ed It Best (In China)?

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 3/11/18 11:21 AM

You're an animal enthusiast who is going to live in China for a semester. Visiting some zoos may be on your agenda, but there's so many! How do you decide which one to go to? Don't worry, I got you covered!

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This Cafe in China Will Mail Your Postcards For You - Even Future Ones!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 3/7/18 11:15 AM

Living in China for a semester is awesome for so many reasons, but places like Momi's Cafe are one of them. As a local favorite AND a tourist favorite, it must be pretty cool, right?

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All About Those Funny Fish Pedicures! 

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 2/22/18 9:43 AM

Have you been seeing your friends that are living in China for a semester post about getting fish pedicures? Or, maybe you're spending a semester in Thailand and keep seeing signs for them everywhere and can't help but wonder what exactly they are. Good news for you -- we know all about these funny little fish pedicures!

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Hey Zhongshan! We Found The Ideal Weekend Getaway

Posted by Emily Cummings on 2/10/18 1:49 PM

Anyone living in Zhongshan or headed to Guangzhou on one of your ILP vacations? There’s this rad city just tucked away in the dramatic countryside that has some ancient watch towers you shouldn’t miss.

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You'll Love Your Kids No Matter Where You Volunteer With ILP

Posted by Auvi Evans on 1/26/18 10:03 AM

With so many countries to choose from it can be hard to choose where to volunteer with ILP.  No matter where you volunteer though you will LOVE your kids. Here's proof. 

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Only China Would Have A Bruce Lee Theme Park

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/25/18 2:01 PM

Oh volunteers in China … you know you have to see this place in person.

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Beijing’s Olympic Park Has The Coolest Waterpark

Posted by Emily Cummings on 1/19/18 8:43 AM

As if the city of Beijing, China didn’t have enough cool things to do, the waterpark nestled right in the historic Olympic Park really is an experience like nothing else. If you’ll be traveling or volunteering in China soon, you’ve gotta check it out.

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