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The Lviv Chocolate Factory

Posted by Katelyn on 9/3/14 9:25 AM

 Lviv chocolate factory

When exploring Kiev, you'll likely come across many sweet treats to try, but we know the sweetest. Every ILP volunteer in Ukraine will tell you to visit the Lviv Chocolate Factory.  Not only are the menus (thankfully!) in English, but their delicious desserts are the perfect treat after a long day of teaching or walking around the city with friends.

There are a few locations around Kiev, and in other big cities in Ukraine like Odessa and Lviv (obviously). 

The most popular location for teachers is on Andriyivskyy (Souvenir) Street in Kiev.  Your ILP local coordinator will know where it is; they’ll probably even take you there on one of your Saturday adventures.  After visiting your first time, you’ll be able to spot the logo a mile away. 


When you enter you will be seated by a waitress in a black dress with a frilly white apron, very French maid-esque.  Most of the waitresses speak English as well because it is such a popular tourist attraction.  The menu is filled with every variation of chocolate you could imagine.  We recommend getting the Hot Chocolate.  It’s literally just that.  A cup of perfectly melted chocolate served to you with a little spoon. 


Some of ILP volunteers' other favorites are the Lviv Hot Chocolate (your typical hot chocolate drink), orange hot chocolate, and ice cream with chocolate sauce.  


Stay for a while and enjoy the atmosphere.  Swap teaching stories with the other volunteers and get up and wander around the store.  There are truffles to be drooled over, and chocolate molded into any shape you can imagine.  It’s basically the Ukrainian version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  You may even want to purchase some chocolate to bring home to your friends and family at the end of the semester.


When your meal is over the receipt will come to you in the tinniest treasure chest.  They always combine the ticket, so make sure you have small bills handy.  Ukrainians hate giving change back for your huge bills.  We also tipped the waitress about 10%.

And there you go!  That is how to experience the Lviv Chocolate Factory.  Now that you have fallen in love, you’ll have to go back.  And often!

Check out more of the sites around Ukraine here.

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