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5 Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Europe

Posted by Auvi Evans on 1/15/17 9:24 AM


When thinking of beaches we usually think of tropical destinations like Mexico or Hawaii, but did you know some of the most beautiful beaches (EVER!) can be found in Europe?

While you volunteer abroad for your semester with International Language Programs (ILP) you'll have the opportunity to travel, which means you can check out these amazing beaches. 

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Think about it — spend a semester volunteering in Europe while you teach English or help out in an orphanage, then skip off to these dreamy beaches on your days off. We're in love (and wish you luck deciding which beaches to visit!)

  • Navagio Beach, Greece
  • Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia
  • Calo Des Moro, Spain
  • Praia Marinha beach, Portugal
  • Scala Dei Turchi, Italy

Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach, Greece

Navagio Beach is a cove full of beauty — not exaggerating. It gets its iconic name thanks to a ship which was washed to shore and abandoned, so not only do you get the warm bright blue water to enjoy, but you have a whole ship to explore. There are also great views if you climb to the top of the cliffs. And, Greece ... need we say more?

ILP volunteers already love the Greek islands for a few reasons, but we think Navagio Beach should also make our must-visit list. 


Zlatni Rat Beach,Croatia

Croatia is one of the most underrated countries in Europe. Look up images of Croatia on Google and you'll see why.  This beach is a pretty small trip of sand the jets out into the ocean. Because of its size it can be a bit crowded, but seriously look at that water ... we're wanting to plan a trip here ASAP. You can rent kayak, parasail and take boat rides all around this gorgeous beach. 

Oh and we think you should spend a few more days in Croatia so you can check out the Dalmatian Coast, unless you don't love glittering ocean and red-tiled roofs. 


Calo Des Moro, Spain

This is a pretty small beach but every inch is beautiful. It's covered in bright fine sand and surrounded by crystal clear water that has deep turquoise shades. There are cliffs all around you which makes it really unique and keeps the water calm. It's the perfect beach to relax on and explore. 

Because it is surrounded by cliffs you do need to climb down a bit to get to it, so make sure you have more than flip-flops with you for climbing. 


Praia Marinha Beach, Portugal

The view from the top of this is incredible, so make sure you check that out! Once you are ready to head to the beach, take the stairs that are built into the cliff and they will lead you right down to the warm, warm sand.

There are also a lot of hidden lagoons ad coves you can look around and a little restaurant so you can grab some snacks (unless you've packed your own). 

ILP Lithuania in Portugal

Tropea, Italy

This beach is situated on an amazing reef where you can snorkel, kayak  or just float around. The view from the water is really neat as you look up to the top of the cliff side and see the buildings that seem to be hanging off.  

Because Tropea is in southern Italy there is beautiful weather for most of the year, which gives you plenty of times to keep going back after you fall in love with it!


Ready to spend a semester living in Europe? Volunteer abroad with ILP and you'll get about 4 months of traveling, exploring, serving, and getting immersed into the culture. We have quite a few schools in several countries in Europe ... all of them let you travel to these beaches (major Europe perks).

When you start your application there's no pressure to finish it right away, but you will get in touch with someone who can answer all of your questions: 

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