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The Travel-Size Items You Can't Forget To Bring

Posted by Abbey Krzymowski on 12/28/23 9:02 AM

Getting ready for an international trip? Whether you'll be exploring new and beautiful places for just a few weeks or a few months, these travel-size products should definitely have a reserved seat in your bag. 

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Volunteer In Poland With International Language Programs!

Posted by Jen King on 12/18/23 11:18 AM

Say hello to our newest European program — the countryside of Warsaw, Poland!

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What To Expect Visiting This Concentration Camp: Auschwitz-Birkenau

Posted by Jen King on 12/18/23 9:30 AM

Traveling around the world is bound to give you some pretty life-changing experiences, but visiting this infamous concentration camp in Europe may end up being one of the most memorable. Here's everything you need to know about touring this sobering and sacred place: Auschwitz-Birkenau. 

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All About A Vacation In Arequipa, Peru

Posted by Jen King on 12/11/23 11:32 AM

This Peruvian city is colorful, easy to explore on foot, and has a bit of a European feel — we're in love!

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The Paracas Peninsula + Other Weekend Trips On The Peru Coast

Posted by Jen King on 12/11/23 11:31 AM

Red cliffs jutting up to sandy beaches and the bluest of ocean views — wow wow wow Peru! While most travelers head right to popular destinations like the Rainbow Mountains and Machu Picchu, we've fallen in love with the Pacific coastline.

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Volunteer In ILP's First South American Progam — Peru!

Posted by Jen King on 12/11/23 11:28 AM

A semester abroad in Peru has got it all! Spot penguins where the red rock cliffs back up to the sea, learn to surf in Lima, and photograph the Rainbow Mountains. And of course ... Machu Picchu! No trip to Peru is complete without a trip through ancient (and so iconic) Incan sites. And the highlight of it all — As an ILP volunteer, you get to make your Peru experience so much more meaningful by serving in our Humanitarian program.

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Can You Really Afford A Vacation In The Seychelles?

Posted by Emily Henkel on 12/9/23 10:57 AM

This dreamy island country is one of the most sought after destinations — but is it possible to lounge on these world class beaches on a budget?

The Seychelles are one of those luxury, once-in-a-lifetime destinations. Complete with sugar-soft sand, swaying palm trees, and perfectly blue water, some of the world's best beaches are found in this island nation. Plus, you have experiences like hanging out with the giant tortoises that call paradise home. However, this kind of vacation can get expensive — probably too expensive, right? There are some tricks to know to make a vacation to Seychelles more affordable. 

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Best Ways To Travel Around Europe On A Budget

Posted by Abbey Krzymowski on 12/6/23 7:00 AM

Are you headed to Europe and have quite a bit of country-hopping on your itinerary? Here are some of our tips for making it happen (even while on a budget)! 

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Relax In San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Posted by Emily Henkel on 12/2/23 10:11 AM

You’ll never want to leave this pretty surf spot once you visit. 

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All About Exploring Warsaw, Poland

Posted by Jen King on 11/28/23 1:47 PM

All of Europe is pretty historical, but the bright colors and chapters of history found in Warsaw are only two reasons to visit the Polish capital.

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