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Totally Unnecessary (But Helpful) Things You Might Want To Consider Packing

Posted by Auvi Evans on 5/11/17 10:32 AM


While you are on your semester abroad you will be able to find most everything you need, it may not be the specific name brand you are used to in the US, but you will be able to find what you need! That being said, there are some things that will just help you feel more comfortable and are things you may not have thought about. Here are a few things you don't necessarily need, but you should consider packing!

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Washing Machine Detergent

You will definitely be able to find this wherever you go, but doesn't it just feel nice to smell something familiar sometimes? Pack some detergent with you to wash your clothes in and that smell can be a huge comfort. Tide Pods are easy to pack and don't take up a ton of room, plus they're just so easy. 

Comfort Food

semester abroad

You will find new food and snacks that you love in whatever country you are living in and you may also find familiar favorites. But, sometimes it's just good to have your go-to comfort food with you.

Take a few of your favorite snacks so when you have a craving you are good to go. I ALWAYS crave Cheez-It's and Pistachio Pudding (gross, right?) when I'm abroad and make sure to take some with me on every trip I take. You can't go wrong with your go to's. If you love them at home, you're going to want them abroad, too.

Dryer Sheets

Another way to smell good and stay fresh. Sometimes after a flight or a long trip, you go to unpack your bag and everything just smells, well...stuffy. Use these in your suitcase, closet and dresser to keep things smelling good (you can even keep them in your shoes!). Something small that can help a ton. And, again it will help you have a piece of home with you!

Downy Wrinkle Spray

Okay... The last laundry thing, I promise. This is a miracle worker. Spritz your clothes, shake them out and wa-la! Wrinkle free. Because who really wants to iron? Like ever - even if you're not on an international trip. This is the best when you are backpacking and your clothes have been wadded up. And, bonus, it comes in travel-sized bottles.

Power Packs

semester abroad

I know we don't constantly need to be plugged in, but sometimes you just need your phone. If your battery is at 10% at you're the one with the Hostel's address but you're on the road, you are going to want a quick way to plug in. Take a power pack to add more battery time to your phone. Not needed, but can sure come in handy in a sticky situation.


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