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Fly from Lithuania to London for Around $20

Posted by Emily Cummings on 5/19/17 12:03 PM

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And Sweden and England and France and Germany and Norway and Spain….Do we need to keep going? Turns out flying doesn’t have to be expensive — especially if you are living in Lithuania.
Hey Lithuania, we have great news for you. Vilnius is a hot spot for a few budget airlines which means you can fly for cheap in the right situation. Save money and see the world by taking dreamy vacations all over Europe? Yes, please.

Not signed up to be a Lithuania volunteer and spend a semester living in Europe and hoping over to London for a couple of days? We’ll make this really easy —here’s the application!

Get your passports ready because we have all the tips and tricks to flying for cheap right out of Vilnius for your ILP vacations (and a few places you should get excited to see) —

Here are a few of your options: 

Ryan Air: This is a budget airline that has a home in Vilnius, meaning it flies to lots and lots of places. And budget means cheap (but I don’t think I need to tell you that). They have really inexpensive flights, especially if you fly one way out of one city and then back home from another city. 

Whizz Air: Calling all volunteers who want to save money! Whizz air can sport some ah-mazing deals. They don’t fly everywhere, and don’t fly every day, but if you want to be a tourist in one of the countries they do fly to, you don’t have to spend much.

Skyscanner: This is pretty hit or miss — you can’t really check accurately months in advance but it does have a cool feature where you can select “anywhere” as your destination and they’ll give you the best deals. Maybe your group will pick a vacation spot depending on what country has the cheapest flights.

Cheapoair: The name sort of says it all, right? Not all the flights they post are a steal of a deal, but you can find some killer flights if you poke around (and depending on where you fly).

ILP Lithuania

So, where can you go for cheap?

In short, lots and lots of places. I did a quick search on a few of the airlines that fly out of Vilnius, Lithuania and here’s what I found:

Ryan Air*

London: $21
Berlin $18
Brussels: $18
Oslo: $18
Milan: $30
Barcelona: $37

(*these are all organized by city and prices are one-way tickets)

Whizz Air* 

Sweden $20 
Denmark $34
Netherlands $27 
England $29

(*Whizz Air flies to a few different cities, but these are average prices for what roundtrip tickets looked like for these countries, out of Lithuania.) 

Any other tips? 

Book early: Flights change faster than the weather in the springtime. One minute you’ve got $40 fights, and the next time you look, they jump up $100. Yikes. Once you get your vacation dates at the beginning of the semester, book ‘em.

Buy 1-way: So you're going to Germany because flights were a great deal, but a return ticket got pricey. But buying 1-way tickets is a great way to travel — you can fly into Germany, than plan on taking trains to Amsterdam and Brussels, before flying back to Lithuania via one way ticket from Brussels. Buying two 1-way tickets means you can score awesome deals because you’re being flexible.

Travel with ILP

No joke. If you get the timing right, you can fly to a city in Europe for less than you’d pay for a pair of pants. I am 100% okay with this.

If you need a little more info on Lithuania, just click that button and check out the ILP blog (spoiler — pictures of adorable kids and unreal donuts ahead): 

 Discover Lithuania

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