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7 Ways To Make Your Scripture Study More Interactive

Posted by Auvi Evans on 5/30/17 4:50 PM

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Let's be honest, sometimes it's hard to get to reading your scriptures without it feeling like just a check mark off of your long to-do list. Don't get stuck in a rut in your reading, instead try these ideas to help make your personal study more meaningful.

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Keep A Journal


Keeping a journal while you study is a huge help. Write down thoughts, impressions, questions and ideas you have as you are reading. Writing out your thoughts will help you make connections you may not have noticed before and it helps you retain what you are learning better. 

Use The Topical Guide 

Studying by topic is easy once you get to the Topical Guide. Choose a word or a phrase you are interested in learning more about and go through the list of scriptures. There are TONS of scriptures listed and you'll definitely be busy once you start on that.

Start Over

Get a cheap set of scriptures and start from scratch. When you start with a blank set a lot of new things will stand out because your eyes won't be drawn the the bright yellow highlighter you used when you were 12. When you start over you can look for specific topics or just read through normally and see what you find.

Use The Hymnbook


Have a favorite hymn or two? Did you know there are scriptures references at the bottom of each hymn? Look up your favorite ones and you can use those as a great source to study. It is really cool to see how exactly the scriptures match up with the hymns. After studying the scriptures with the hymns your love will grow for them even more.

Read With Someone In Mind

Reading with someone else in mind can be an amazing experience. Do you have a friend or family member struggling and you don't know how to help them? I'm sure you'll find something that can inspire you and guide you on how to help them.

Notice What Others Learned

One of the great things about having scriptures is learning from the people in them. Notice what things they learned as they went through trials or were blessed. You'll have some great guides on what to do and what NOT to do as you read through and learn from others and their stories. 

Bonus Topic For You Ladies

There are more women in the scriptures than you think! Read about each of them and write down their attributes you hope to embody.  They can teach you very important things that you can really relate to! Click here for a list of women in the Bible and Book of Mormon.


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