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Where You Should Volunteer If You Love The Sun

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 8/5/18, 4:39 PM


There are many factors that go into picking the perfect ILP country and weather may be one of them.  If you love the sun, here's where you should volunteer. 

No matter which ILP country you pick, there is one thing that is the same in every place...the kids! I can guarantee you that these kids will be the best part of of your day and they will be the thing you miss the most when you come home.

Now, there really isn't one country that is better than the other (you'll fall in love with whichever country you go to), but if you're looking to volunteer abroad in a country where you can bask in the sun, swim and getting a pretty sweet tan, these ILP countries are going to be what you're looking for. 

Where To Volunteer If You Love The Sun

  • Nicaragua
  • Haiti
  • Costa Rica
  • Thailand
  • Dominican Republic
  • Mexico
  • Uganda


The tropical climate in Nicaragua makes for great beach weather all year round. With lows during the winter in the 80s and highs in the summer in the 90s, you'll have constantly warm weather. 

You'll find a little less sun during the rainy season, but there's pros to traveling during this time, too. Think less crowds, cheaper prices and some cooler temperatures all while still getting that tropical feel. Their rainy season is from May - October and the wettest month is September.

Our favorite place to get sun? The dreamy Corn Islands found on the eastern coast. 

ILP adventure-5


Just like Nicaragua, Haiti has a great, predictable climate, but the average temperatures are a little lower. On a daily average, the temps range from 70s-80s, but can occasionally spike to 100 degrees or drop to the 60s. Even with the lower temps though, you're still getting warm, warm weather - Haiti is really humid. 

Haiti also has a rainy season from April to October with May being the wettest month. The dry season is from November to March and gets very little rain during this time. On average, you'll have eight and a half hours of good sunshine everyday! Over a semester, that's a lot of rays! 

Not matter if it's rainy or dry, the sun still shines and you'll be sure to get your tan on. Especially, when you're visiting places like Moulin Sur Mer.


Costa Rica

Because of the proximity to the equator, Costa Rica doesn't really have a summer or a winter, so the weather is consistently around 70s-low 80s with the occasional spike up or down. The rainy season does go from May - November, so bring some supplies with you if you're visiting around then (you'll want a rain jacket, a dry bag, and an umbrella, plus waterproof shoes). On average, you have a 70-80% chance of having a perfectly sunny day in Costa Rica when you're not in the rainy season. 

Even during the rainy season, the sun still shines bright and you can count on breaks in the rain where you'll be able to visit Monteverde or the Bellena Coast.

ILP Costa Rica


Thailand is for the sunshine lovers AND heat lovers. With the average temperature in the 90s and the sun constantly shining, you'll want to bring a ton of sun screen with you. It is quite humid here year round, but slightly less so during the winter (December and January). The average amount of sunshine every year is 999.0 hours -- You can do the math if you want or you can just trust me that it's a lot of daily sunshine hours. 

Thailand does have a monsoon where it will rain almost every afternoon, but you will get breaks through out the day where you can enjoy all the beautiful things around your country. The monsoon season is from July - October. 

You'll want to grab your swim suit and head off to the beaches in Thailand, ASAP. 

ILP Thailand

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a popular vacation destination for travelers all over the world and for obvious reason ... it really is always sunny! The weather typically stays between the 70s-80s and gets an average of 10 hours of sunshine during it's sunniest month - August.

 The rainy season in the DR is from April to October. This is another country where the humidity will hit you hard though, so plan for some time adjusting to that, but don't worry; you can cool off at the nearby beach. 



With weather in the 70s-80s all year round, it's not hard to see why everyone wants to go to Mexico for some good weather. With up to 11 hours of sunshine during the day, you'll be sure to get lots and lots of vitamin D. 

The best part about Mexico is that it's our least humid option from this list. You get the sun plus cooler weather in some parts of the year.  It really has that perfect balance of sunshine without making you drip in sweat every time you walk outside. Cheers to that, Mexico.

Make sure you create a bucket list before you go to Mexico that has places like the San Luis Waterfalls and Puerto Escondido on them ... and about 100 other places we love to visit. 

ILP Mexico


For those looking for sun without all the humidity, Uganda might be paradise for you. The entire country gets loads of sunshine, and usually hangs around 80° (plus or minus 7 degrees), year round. You'll find some rain to keep everything nice and green, but there isn't as much of a distinctive rainy season in some of our other sunny countries. 

On average, look at around 200+ hours of sunshine each month. Even in the less sunny month of April, you'll have over 150 hours of sun ever day. Sounds like paradise to me! 

ILP Uganda


When making your decision ....

 make sure you check out our other awesome ILP countries — you might not get as much sun in Europe, but you can still hang out on the coastlines (anyone up for a dip in the Black Sea?) 

Have more questions about ILP? Go ahead and text one of our awesome ILP reps. Click that blue button to get started.

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