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How To Get To The Latter Day Saint Temple In Costa Rica

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 4/27/18 10:46 AM

LDS Costa Rica Temple

Whether you're volunteering abroad in Costa Rica or traveling the globe in search of all the Latter Day Saint temples, make a pitstop at the San Jose, Costa Rica Temple!

Many ILP volunteers members of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and we get many questions about how to go to church or see the temple during their semester abroad. If you're a member of the church and volunteering with us, you'll likely meet friends in your ILP group to go to church with you, and to travel with if you want to visit the temple on your semester in Costa Rica.

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The Costa Rica temple is absolutely gorgeous and stands right in the heart of San Jose, the country's capital. It was the 87th temple built and was completed in 2000. As if the temple wasn't stunning enough on its own, the two acre temple surrounding grounds are gorgeous, peppered with palm trees and row after row of bright flowers. 

How To Get To The San Jose, CR Temple

  • Get an Uber
  • Take the bus
  • Grab a taxi

Get An Uber — Our Favorite Method 

Did you know that you can use Uber and Lyft in many countries around the world just like you do in America?

Uber is especially great in Costa Rica in my opinion and locals will tell you the same. It's faster (you won't have any extra stops like a bus) and you don't have to wonder if you're getting ripped off (like you might with a taxi). For any Uber newbies out there, you just have to download the Uber app and plug in your info before you can call a car to come pick you up. 

Uber is so widely used by tourists in Costa Rica because you can put in your destination and you won't need to show the driver anything else (they have their own GPS systems BTW, so you aren't relying on your own GPS). That means there's no problems with communication if you don't speak Spanish well (or at all). Also, before they even get to your door, you have already agreed upon a price.

It's not the cheapest option out there, but you can also split the cost with friends, which will make it a more direct and less expensive option. 

Take The bus

You are bound to be taking a lot of buses while you're traveling around the entire country of Costa Rica. 

There are a couple of different apps that can help. We really like the MOOVIT app (I already got you started with that link just plug in your starting location) and we also like Off The Grid Traveler.


Both apps will walk you through the entire journey. You can either look up your route and screenshot it when you have WiFi or keep the app open as you travel. Keep in mind that the latter option does require some data (it will refresh your route if an obstacle comes up). 

Taking a bus will be slowest option because they will make other stops along with the way, however, it is the cheapest option. 

Grab A Taxi

Taxis are always an option, but I suggest it be your last option because they tend to be the most expensive (taxis will charge foreigners more, so be super careful). Make sure you know the rate and how to tell them to turn the meter on in Spanish

Taxis are very easy to spot (they're red with a yellow triangle on the door) and usually available all day and night. You can hail one on a busy street or use the Easy Taxi app (there's an app for everything nowadays, right?). Again, make sure they turn their meter on so you can avoid potentially getting scammed. 

If you're in a pinch and have to take a taxi, have this address and a picture of the temple handy to show them:

Metros Oeste de 600, Heredia, Belén, 40702, Costa Rica

LDS temple Costa Rica

ILP adventure

Come explore Costa Rica with other college-age, American volunteers

Volunteering for a semester in Costa Rica will no doubt be one of the most memorable experiences you can have! Besides visiting the temple, you'll get to hang out with sloths, visit volcanos and teach the cutest kids in the world. Click below for more info.

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