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ILP's (Not-So-Secret) Secret Revealed!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 3/22/15 9:37 AM


There is one perk about volunteering with ILP that not many people know until they have already served abroad with our program. This perk can help you travel and serve in multiple countries for pretty much next to nothing. Keep reading to find out what it is!

This not-so-secret secret is head teaching! Head teaching is one of the best parts of ILP because it gives you the opportunity to go on multiple semesters for the price of one! (Check out Ariel's story who holds the record for most semesters completed). How you may ask? You will have to read that link to find out...Done? Great! Let me tell you a bit about head teachers.

  • Who are they?
  • What do they do? 
  • What are the perks of head teaching? 
  • Who can head teach? 


Who are they?

Our ILP head teachers are peer aged volunteers who have served abroad with ILP for one or more semesters and are experienced in our teaching method. 

What do they do?

Head teachers do more behind the scenes than others in their group might even be aware of! They are the leaders of the group. They hold regular training meetings with the volunteers, evaluate the teachers during classes, and give them advice on how to make teaching easier and more successful. They are the middle man between our office and the school and participate in weekly Skype calls with an ILP director to report and solve any problems or concerns. They help things run smoothly and keep everything in order. They do their best to keep the peace within the group and create a good environment for the volunteers. They are the "go to" person for pretty much everyone involved that semester.  


What are the perks of head teaching?

Head teaching has many perks, but the biggest one is how affordable it is! If you head teach, your program fees are waived (airfare, food, housing, language classes, culture classes and visa are included) and you get a stipend to help pay for your traveling expenses, shopping money, etc. Not a bad deal, right? Just think of how many countries and semesters you can go on for next to nothing!


Who can head teach?

Our ILP alumni can head teach! Here are the requirements for head teaching:

  • Have served abroad with ILP one or more times
  • Demonstrated understanding of teaching the ILP method correctly your first semester
  • Worked well with all members of your group 

It's pretty simple! If you do well on your first semester, you are a good candidate to apply for a head teacher position. Keep in mind there are far fewer head teacher positions than volunteer positions and the positions are given based of qualifications (and not first-come-first-serve). Head teacher positions are competitive and interviews are held, similar to a job application. Applying early is always a good idea. You can even apply to be a head teacher in the middle of your first ILP semester! More about when to apply as a head teacher right here. If you are interested in applying now, click below:

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