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How To See A Hot Air Balloon Festival In Mexico

Posted by Emily Cummings on 2/15/17 2:23 PM

ILP Mexico

Imagine looking up into the pink and orange sky and seeing hundreds of brightly colored hot air balloons, floating up like the clouds. Sounds dreamy, right? That could be your life in Mexico! I know you know all about the fabulous beaches in Mexico, the ancient ruins or even the yummy horchata, but what about the hot air balloon festivals here? You’ll need to wake up early to get the best views, but it is sooooo worth losing a little sleep. Seeing hundreds of hot air balloons floating in the sky above the Mexican desert or above the rolling mountains while the sun rises…come on! That’s an absolute dream. But first, you are going to need to get yourself there; you could visit for a week or two, but then you’d cut into your beach and exploring-a-world-wonder time. It’d be way better to actually live in Mexico as a volunteer teaching English and get the true Mexican experience. Trust me. 

Need more info about teaching and living in Mexico? Come talk to an ILP representative who’s already been and get your questions answered! 

So, now that you are going to be living here for a few months, you are going to need to know all about these hot air balloon festivals. There are a couple you can go to around the country, but I have good news for all of you living in Celeya, Irupuato and San Jose Iturbide! 

  • Where and When Is It?
  • How Much Does It Cost? 
  • What’s This Festival All About?
  • How To Have An Amazing Time 

Where and When Is It? 

Leon, Mexico is only an hour or two away from our ILP schools where you will be teaching and living, and is home to one of the world’s biggest and most impressive hot air balloon festivals. Nice, right? The festival happens in mid-November, so it’s perfect for our volunteers who will be living there for fall semester. Head to the Metropolitan Ecological Park of Leon bright and early to see the balloons lift off. 

ILP Mexico Leon Balloon Festival

How Much Does It Cost? 

Tickets to the park are about 55 pesos (or $2.65). The festival’s website has tons of information but currently only has info about their 2016 festival, but the 2017 update could let you buy tickets online. If not, you can get them at OXXO stores in Leon, no problem. Check out the map, directions, FAQ and other tabs to help you plan your visit; the website is in English and is super easy to use. 

Volunter with ILP in Mexico

What’s This Festival All About? 

Mostly about the balloons! Each morning over 4 days, hundreds of deflated balloons make a colorful quilt on the ground before they float up into the sky. The lift last for a couple of hours, but once the hot air balloons are grounded, the party really gets started. You can see rodeos and dog shows in the afternoon, then the pilots light the propane burners and light up the balloons for an outdoor concert around 6:00 PM.  

Live in Mexico with ILP

How To Have An Amazing Time

Get there early — People usually start showing up to the park around 5:30 AM to settle in to get a good spot, but the air balloons don’t start inflating until 7:00 AM. Yes you’ll be pretty sleepy, but once the balloons start floating in the air and you've got a great view, it’ll all be worth it. 

Dress in layers — Mexico morning can get pretty chilly, so pack a jacket and a couple other light layers to keep you warm in the morning. It will heat up later in the day, but you will be glad you dressed warmly when you first get there and are waiting for the hot air balloons. Remember to wear comfy shoes, too!

Bring your own snacks — There will be a big food court where you can get a bunch of different foods and drinks but if you want to skip the lines (thousands of people come to this festival!) it may be a good idea to bring your own snacks.

ILP Mexico volunteers

So go and take tons of pictures at the hot air balloon festival! Tag 'em with #ILPMexico and hop onto this blog for more travel tips and ideas on what to do while living here...and click that little green button for even more Mexico in your life. 
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