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How To Decorate Your Apartment If You Love To Travel

Posted by Auvi Evans on 2/26/18 6:54 AM

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Surround yourself with things that remind you of your travels and things that inspire you to travel more. Here's how to decorate your apartment to keep that adventure and excitement of traveling alive! 

The travel bug is real and you can go through some serious withdrawals while you are waiting for your next adventure. Make sure you decorate your apartment or room to make it a space that shows your love of travel and adventure. 

Not sure where your next trip will be? Consider spending a gap year abroad and making a difference and you travel and serve around the world with ILP!

Ready to get decorating? It can be super easy and cheap - start with these tips!

How To Decorate Your Apartment

  • Maps 
  • Knick Knacks and Souvenirs
  • Collages of Your "Dream Destinations"
  • "Travel Fund" Jar
  • Pictures of Your Trips
  • Quote Wall


This is one the of easiest ways to add a bit of travel flair to your space. World maps and maps of specific countries/cities are super easy to hang up (just grab some washi tape!).

The best part is they're easy to come by and they're never going out of style. You can find them really cheap or really expensive ... it mostly just depends on where you're looking. Look around at bookstores, check out Amazon, Target, World Market, and other stores along those lines. I found a gorgeous old map on Amazon for about $4! You'll be surprised at what variety you can find.

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Knick Knacks and Souvenirs

Be smart about what you buy during your trips. Think about things that will remind you of where you visited but can also be used in your apartment and home one day. Showcase these little trinkets throughout your space and you will think of your adventures every day as you see the cool things you brought home.

Make A "Dream Destination" Wall

Find pictures, maps, and quotes that have to do with the places you hope to visit one day! Make a collage of these places and put them somewhere where you can see them often. This will help you keep them on your mind and make plans to have these trips become a reality. 

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Travel Fund Jar

Have a "Travel Fund" jar easily accessible in your room! Pay for what you need in cash and then add the spare change to your jar. You'll be surprised how quickly it adds up! It's so exciting to be able to add something to it, even if it is just a dollar or a quarter. Hey, every dollar you add gets you one step closer to your semester volunteering abroad in Europe or with one of ILP's many other humanitarian programs or exchange programs!

Pictures of Your Trips

Make sure you have a wall devoted to pictures of trips you have taken! Fill it with pictures of delicious food you tried, friends you have met, your favorite vacations, and more! Seeing this daily will keep that sense of adventure alive and make you even more stoked for your next adventure or trip!

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Quote Wall

Grab a whiteboard or chalkboard and keep a running list of your favorite quotes about travel. These can be awesome to add to a travel journal later down the road and will get your mind into "travel mode" daily as your read them. Here's a good list to get you started! 


Ready to make those dreams of traveling the world a reality? As you volunteer with ILP you will have the opportunity to not only serve others, but travel while doing so! So, if volunteering in Central America, a semester abroad in Ukraine, or living in China for a semester sounds exciting ... you're in the right place! 

Click the button below to speak to an ILP representative who can talk to you about all the amazing countries you can volunteer in and answer any questions you have!

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