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5 Souvenirs I'm Glad I Bought in Eastern Europe!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 6/4/15 10:00 AM

ILP Ukraine

Save yourself some money and stick with buying these five souvenirs the next time you're volunteering in Eastern Europe! 

Ever make the mistake of buying souvenirs that you regret? Maybe it was something that you actually could live without. Maybe it was something that you can actually buy all over the world and isn't unique to Europe. Not great, right? 

Maybe you need to get yourself to Europe in the first place — we can help you overcome obstacles so you can hop on a plane and do some shopping. 

No matter where you are set to spend a semester volunteering in Europe (after all, ILP has schools all over Europe), be sure to pick out the best souvenirs!  Take a look at this list that ILP volunteers love and pick out which ones you will just have to bring home: 

  • Matryoshka Dolls
  • Home made embroideries
  • Chocolate
  • Painted eggs
  • Pictures

Matryoshka Dolls

Matryoshka dolls are everywhere around Eastern Europe and come in just about every character imaginable. You can chose between the beautiful traditional and hand-painted dolls  or  funny dolls from your favorite TV show.

Most volunteers pick up at least one and love seeing it displayed back at home — remember: some souvenirs are a rad way to decorate your dorm room!  and a great souvenir to display at home.


Home-made Embroideries

Handsewn embroideries are all over and don't disappoint. Grab a hand embroidered shirt, scarf, towel, throw, blanket, tablecloth, napkin set, skirt, dress, and more! 

ILP Europe


If you have never been to Europe, you've probably heard the tales of how they have the best chocolate ever. Let me tell you, it is true. Your family will love you if you bring some European chocolate home for them! (Here are some of our favorite chocolately treats). 

For those in Lithuania, be sure to eat these treats all semester long...and maybe pack some home for friends and family. 

ILP Ukraine

Painted Eggs

These may seem a little strange, but these hand painted eggs can be absolutely gorgeous. They are most commonly found in Ukraine and are a very unique souvenir that not many people will have!

Head's up — you might have trouble packing up eggs that are this big ... don't worry, you can get them in all sizes around town. 



Last, but definitely not least...pictures! Pictures are the best souvenirs you will ever bring home. You will be able to look back at all those little moments that you forgot about and reminisce about your time volunteering abroad. 

ILP Russia

If you want more travel tips, check out these ILP blogs! Oh and don't forget to click below and start your application so you can snag a spot in Europe and get these souvenirs for yourself! 

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