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Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room

Posted by Emily Cummings on 3/21/17, 12:27 PM

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So you’ve moved into your new dorm room at school and aren’t loving the bland white walls you aren’t allowed to paint and the boring furniture you unfortunately can’t replace. What’s a girl supposed to do…without spend much money? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Obviously you are going to want to redecorate as cheap as possible so your money can go to things like school and traveling the world, right? Luckily, these ideas are both cute and inexpensive, leaving you to save up for a semester living abroad in Europe or scootering around Thailand…or drinking out of a coconut in the Caribbean. 

Need a few more ways to save up for that semester abroad? International Language Programs has this free little ebook with tips to help you save money!

Ah, but until then, you’ve got to do some redecorating to make this dorm room as cute as possible. Check out these tips to do just that without spending all that much: 

  • Hang A Mural
  • Post Photos
  • Washi Tape For Everything
  • String Some Lights
  • Decorate With String
  • DIY A Rug 

Hang A Mural 

Hanging up a fabric mural, flag or tapestry is a great way to cover the wall with a single (and hopefully inexpensive) decoration. Hunt at local thrift stores to get a cool narrow tablecloth to hang up, or maybe use a flag from the country you’d one day like to visit. If you just got back from a trip, use the beach tapestry from Thailand or scarf you purchased in Russia (along with other Eastern Europe souvenirs) to add a splash of design and color to your apartment! 

ILP in Singapore

Post Photos 

Pinterest has about a zillion ways to decorate with photos, some simple and some…not so simple. If you go the simple route, all you will need is to get your photos printed (and that sticky putty to stick ‘em to the wall) and you are set!

Print tons of photos for cheap by looking for discounts on Shutterfly or Snapfish. Often those onlines companies will offer a huge deal of free 4X6 photos if you're a new customer. Walmart will print photos for $0.09 each.

Think about spending a few dollars and creating a photo collage to instantly brighten up your dorm room walls.  Add a bit more interest by hanging up your favorite posters or even your own art along with some pictures for a more eclectic look.

Just remember to use that sticky putty so that you're not making holes in the wall with pins or accidentally ripping paint off the wall with tape!

You can also print photos straight from your phone if you don’t want to wait! 

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 3.07.30 PM.png

Washi Tape For Everything 

Seriously, use this for everything. Add geometric stripes to your door, create art on a canvas, put some polka dots strips to your mirrors, or write out inspirational words (like “travel” or “adventure”) in whatever color you can get your hands on. Unlike just about every other tape out there, this tape is pretty safe to use on painted walls and comes in tons of colors and designs…you really can’t go wrong with Washi tape. 

DIY Washi Tape

String Some Lights 

You might need to talk to your apartment manager to make sure this is okay, but if it is, it’s an absolutely dreamy way to make any room magical for cheap. String above your bed, or over your photo wall. Perfect, easy, and cheap — especially if you shop after Christmas sales or thrift stores to get your lights. 


Decorate With String 

You’ve probably seen how cute this string art is and for good reason! It’s pretty simple and inexpensive and you can do whatever you want with it. Do a string outline of your home state (or favorite country…maybe like Thailand and the 20 things you gotta do while you are there?) or your initials. Use colored string and a plain canvas…or rainbow string and a white canvas. Cute, cute, cute! 

DIY String Art

DIY A Rug 

Need some decoration for your floors? See if you can find a table cloth (circle ones work great for this) on clearance and pick up some water-based Polyurethane (you probably don’t have that just laying around) and a foam roller. This website outlines all your directions (and is where that rad picture below is from), but basically you coat the tablecloth with this Polyurethane a couple times, let it dry, and you have a cute rug for cheap!

*Note: this is just fabric and makes more of a stiff floor cloth, so if you want more of a soft and cushy rug, buy a thick rug pad to stick underneath it. 


So there you have it — a few options for giving your blah dorm room some color and personality, all for just a few dollars…giving you a few more dollars to spend getting a bowl of these noodles in China, or maybe one of ILP’s other countries!

International Language Programs has schools in Asia, Central America, Europe and the Caribbean and, as always, your program fee includes your flights, housing, visa, meals and culture classes for the entire semester…and you get vacation time.

Sounds like a pretty great break from school, right? Come learn all about what your next semester could be like ... abroad with ILP! 


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