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How Your ILP Experience Can Help An Elementary Education Degree

Posted by Kayla McGill on 3/9/16 10:00 AM

ILP China

Want to get some Elementary Education experience for your major? Come volunteer with ILP! 

Something that lots of people find when they are volunteering abroad with ILP is that they end up loving their kids more than they expected (even more than the travel part!). This is especially true if you are volunteering to get more experience for your Elementary Education major.

Now you don't have to be an el ed major to be an ILP volunteer (you actually don't even need to be in school), but it can be particularly helpful for those who are testing the teaching waters as they prepare for their career.

Let It Help Your Interviews

Stressed about your interviews for teaching positions? We get it. Lucky for you though, you'll have your time living abroad as an ILP volunteer to talk about. It's pretty unique that you've lived for four months in another country, so interviewers are pretty likely to bring that up.

If you can talk about teaching kids English in a foreign country during your interview, you definitely will stand out from the crowd.

ILP China

Get School Credit While Volunteering

You can sometimes get school credit which can be directly applied to your degree ... think about it: If you are working with kids 20 hours per week (basically a part time job!) and teaching lessons that you planned, you are getting a pretty good taste of what teachers do for their career. Universities love to give internship credit to Elementary Education Majors who are going on ILP.

ILP is not affiliated with any university directly, so you will need to arrange any credit or internship you might receive through your school. Typically you'll just want to go to your advisor and ask what can be worked out.  If you go to BYU-Idaho, see how you can get BYU school credit for your semester abroad.

ILP China

Find out if you actually want to be a teacher

This is a great way to get real experience in the classroom which allows you to see if you like teaching! We have heard many stories from ILP volunteers who came home and changed their major (like Brianna) because they found out that they actually love teaching and want to keep doing it or they found out that wow, I actually don't think teaching as a career is right for me!

Getting that hands on teaching experience really shows you what your skills are and it's easier to see if that's something you really want to do.


Let's get you teaching next semester!

Can you see why going abroad with ILP can help you improve your resume, but also give you a leg up when it comes to your major? Yep — there are some pretty cool perks you get with a semester abroad in one of our countries ... plus, you'll also get time to travel around and vacation in some pretty dreamy countries. 

Ready for all of that? Come fill out an application!

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