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Our Favorite Cheap Flight Hack For Your European Vacation

Posted by Auvi Evans on 7/17/17 5:25 PM


Snag a cheap flight (or 10) with this hack. 

Pst: We wrote a guide all about traveling on a budget you might be interested in. 

We're not into spending too much money on our vacations, which is why we're in love with this new price-conscious way to book your flights. There are a few things you should know — 

You have to be flexible

First things first, this hack requires you to be open about where you're traveling to. If you're dead set on going to see the Pearl Market in China, then of course you're only looking for flights to Beijing which means you're only going to be able to compare what different airlines are offering there right?

If you are dead set on a certain country, this hack isn't for you.

If you've got a vacation coming up but you're still having a hard time deciding where to go, this hack is perfect for you!

Our ILP volunteers are often given their vacation dates (so they can't be flexible there) but they get to choose where they're traveling to. If you're doing a semester abroad in Europe, you can travel to so many countries so it's hard to choose where you go ... sometimes price can be a big factor in determining where you're going to on vacation. 

Here's how to save some money on your vacation flight:

  1. Go to this search engine site:  www.skyscanner.com

  2. In the from section of the search bar, put the airport you'll be leaving from. So if you're volunteering in Ukraine, you'll put Kiev here.

  3. In the to section type "everywhere". Skyscanner has a feature that will pull up multiple city options and then list destinations starting with the cheapest options.

Below you can see that Poland is your cheapest country option if you're looking for flights from Ukraine, but have you ever considered the UK for one of your ILP vacations? I have a feeling it's on your bucket list and it's only a little over $20 more...so probably worth it to you.

ILP Adventure

If you're open to your vacation desination choose places that will fit in your budget. It's kind of cool to plan a random trip like that and go somewhere completely new! 

Some things to keep in mind: 

These are prices per country: when you click the little blue arrows to the right of the country, a drop down menu will review what the cities are. It looks like for Poland, it's cheaper to fly into Poznan than it is to Krakow. 

ILP Adventure

These prices also depend on the dates ... sometimes you can only get that $59 airfare if you're in Poznan for two weeks, not four days. When you click on that green button with the price, you'll get a calendar of prices  — the farther you look at this in advance, the less details you'll get. 

All the prices are color coordinated; green means it's the best rate, yellow is decent, and red is most expensive. The best case-scenario would be flying in and flying out on two "green" dates but that may not work with your travel plans. 

ILP Adventure


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