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Ideas (And Tips!) For Your End Of Performance

Posted by Emily Cummings on 6/4/17 11:56 AM

ILP ChinaDepending on your ILP school, you may not even have an end of year performance … but if you do here are a few ideas!

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but one day, your ILP semester will be over. You’ll need to say goodbye to those cutie kids and pack up all of your souvenirs into your suitcases and fly home. So sad, right? But the end of the semester isn’t all bad, I promise! Your school may want the teachers (that’s you!) to help your students put on an end of year/semester performance.  Or your school may not have one. The school might have a preference on what you do, or they may just leave it up for your group to decide. It just depends.

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So, if your school lets you know you need to do an ending performance, here are some ideas!

Pick A Theme 

The options here are endless. Cowboys and Indians, the 4 seasons, fairy tales, the carnival or circus, the zoo, the mini Olympics, Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter, holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc).

While I was living in China, we had our younger kids do a performance with the theme Under The Sea. Each class put on a little skit and sang a song to create a whole “play”. My class dressed as sailors and sang “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles and another class dressed as fish and sang “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid. It was precious.

ILP China

Go With Disney 

Kids. Love. Disney. And this is a great choice because loads of Disney movies already have songs built into the story line and theme. You’d need to condense the movie, but you can go in a lot of different directions here. Maybe try out 101 Dalmatians, Mulan, Frozen, High School Musical,  Beauty & The Beast, the Little Mermaid,  or the Lion King. 

ILP Thailand

How About Super Heroes? 

Think about how cute your kids would be dressed up like superheroes! You’ll need to find some sort of skit they can do with lines and maybe a song, but you can do a lot with this theme (or a similar idea). You can even use your arts & crafts lessons to help make their costumes.  

ILP Lithuania

And Here Are Some Tips: 

  • Let your kids speak English!

This is huge. This is why there is an end of year performance in the first place, right? Parents are coming to hear how much their child has improved over the semester. Try to make sure each child get equal “stage time” so they can show off their English skills. You might have some kids even say a line.  We recommend keeping it really basic and practicing again and again. Even the best English speaking kids may get stage fright and forget their lines, so keep it super simple.

  • Include a song or too

The kids love to sing especially if there’s a simple little dance for the kids to perform. It also makes the whole performance better because singing is way more fun than just talking. 

  • Keep it simple

As cute as it would be for your kids to perform all of the Sound Of Music, you’ll need to condense it pretty heavily. You could find a condensed kid’s script to use online, or you could work together as a group and write a simple outline of the plot.

  • Make it age appropriate

For the older kids, they can handle more “lines” so maybe doing a condensed Disney movie would be a good idea…not so much with the little cuties. The younger kids seem to learn better with music, so having a theme, and writing a few lines and then adding a song is a great approach.

ILP Thailand

Past volunteers know the end of semester performance can be a lot of work but it is so rewarding…and hopefully these ideas can help make the brainstorming part a bit easier! If you need a little more info on what your semester with ILP will be like, checkout the link below: 

International Language Programs

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