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How To Take Online Classes While Abroad And Still Have Fun!

Posted by Kayla McGill on 6/14/15 9:00 AM


There are a lot of people who don't want to/can't take a semester off while serving abroad for a semester. Guess what? That's totally fine! A lot of people take online classes while abroad which is awesome because you get to have a lot of really cool experiences while still working towards your degree. The only thing is that it’s sometimes hard to find a balance between school work, teaching, and living in a foreign country - and enjoying it! Here are our tips and tricks to be able to enjoy your time on ILP as well as work towards your degree!

Time management is a big thing. One of the best things about ILP is you only teach about 20 hours a week and you have a lot of free time! You will want to make sure you can go out and explore your city, go on trips with your group AND still get your homework done. In order to do that, the first thing you need to do is make sure you know the due dates of all your assignments and get them in early. Learning how to manage your time wisely is the most important thing in regards to taking classes while abroad.


Also, if you are going on a long trip make sure you get all your stuff in before you leave and that you let your professors know that you won’t have access to your online course. That way you are totally good to go and have a good time!

Another way to do school and still have a good time on the program is to apply what you are learning abroad to your class. Have to write an essay about something ridiculously awesome? Um...hello! Talk about going to the Mayan Ruins in Mexico or Climbing up the Great Wall of China! Or better yet, talk about teaching your kids and the awesome and silly things they do all day every day.


Another recommendation? Buy a planner and use it to manage your time. It will definitely help you like it helped so many of us before!

Last thing, make sure that if you are feeling overwhelmed with school and classes and such...don’t just suffer in silence! Talk with your professors and Head Teacher, they will be able to talk with you and help you feel better about everything.

So that’s it! Make sure to check out our blogs about how to do classes online while abroad, and on how to do internships. You can also click below to learn more about the International Language Program!

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