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How To Get To The LDS Temple In Kiev, Ukraine

Posted by Emily Cummings on 10/12/17 4:36 PM

volunteering in ukraine
We’ve put together a few different directions to help  ILP volunteers living in Ukraine (and those just visiting) get to see this LDS temple during their semester abroad!  Whether you wanna get there on the metro, on the bus or by calling an Uber, we’ve got you covered.

ILP is a non-profit org that sends volunteers to live for a semester in Ukraine (and other Eastern European Countries) so click right here to learn more about that!

So, there aren’t any LDS temples in Russia or Lithuania (and a few other countries around there) but there is one in nearby Ukraine that’s worth a visit.  ILP (International Language Programs) has schools in all of these countries and we wanna make it easy to see the Kiev Temple if you want.  An ILP volunteer in Ukraine, Kennedy, said,

"My heart was soooo full today being able to go to church and see the temple here in kyiv. I love this gospel with my whole heart and I'm so glad I can find so much peace here."  

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Check her out on Instagram to see more adventures in Kiev!

To make getting there even easier, here are a few directions you can take — luckily, the Kiev metro makes it easy for anyone living here and just visiting to make it to the temple:

Use The Red Line

From wherever you are in Kiev, you’ll need to head to the Akademmistechko station on the metro: it’s the last stop on the red line.

lds service abroad  - ILP

Once you get to Akademmistechko, exit on the west side of the road (look for the McDonald’s, and be on the side of the road that it’s on). By the way … There are exits from the station on either side  of the road (known as the ring road because the red line circles the city), so just make sure you exit on the west side. Then, find a bus station to take you down that road a couple of miles: Bus 56 or Marshrutka 208 (56 D) or 576 or 777 are the ones you want.

Then, just look out for the temple on your bus ride! You’ll be able to see it long before you need to get off (The stop you want is after a string of about 5 car dealerships: there is a stop immediately after the dealerships, but you want the one after that). Once you get off, just walk about 200 to 300 yards towards the temple.  Easy!

(+ A Couple Metro Tips)

For anyone volunteering in Ukraine (and those tourists who want to try out the public transportation system) we can help you out with that. We have tips for using the metro for the very first time in a foreign country,  and how to discover some of the hidden secrets of the metro here — turns out Ukraine (and Russia) have metro stops that are more like a museum than a metro stop!

Or Use This App

The app, 2GIS, is pretty helpful for getting around. The app shows you your location and after you type in where you want to go, it’ll tell you the fastest way to get there, whether that’s by bus, taxi, metro or Marshrutka.

byu volunteer abroad

Or, Take An Uber

Not in the mood to figure out the metro map? Not a problem  — you can just call an Uber to take you there! (Uber and Lyft are actually in these ILP Countries, making traveling lots easier).

Oh — Can I Get The Address?

We’ve got the address in English and the local language to help you get there: 

Here’s the address in Ukrainian (and English):

  • Яблунева вул., 1, Sofiivska Borshchahivka, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine

Here’s the address in English:

  • 1 Yabluneva Street
    v. Sofiivs’ka Borshchagivka
    Kyevo-Sviatoshyns’ky Rayon
    Kyivs’ka Oblast, Ukraine

Let us know if you visit and how it went! But before you go, stay in touch with an ILP representative to help you answer any questions you might have about our program — ILP provides LDS volunteer opportunities with college aged peers, so you're never alone when you travel around your home country of Ukraine (and no, you don't have to be LDS to volunteer with us!)  

To learn more about your country, click that button:

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