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How To Get To The LDS Temple In Helsinki, Finland

Posted by Auvi Evans on 10/30/17 1:40 PM

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Here are some helpful tips and directions on how to get to the LDS Temple in Helsinki during your semester broad. It's just 7 miles out from downtown Helsinki, making it really accessible.  There are a few ways to get there which gives you great options! Uber, Taxi, Buses and Trams will all get you to the temple so now you just need to decide what works best for you and your ILP group!

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First things first.

This is the Helsinki LDS Temple address to keep with you. It's nice to have if you need to ask for directions from a local or to show a taxi driver.

Leppäsillantie 3
FI-02620 Espoo



Uber is a good option to get you right to the temple. It will be quicker than taking a bus, but it will of course be more pricey. It will be about $40 euro ($47ish USD) for an Uber. You can split that between those in your group.

Uber is awesome to use in quite a few of ILP's countries. Click here to see which ones. 


The Katajanokka bus station will most likely be where you are starting from (if you took a ferry in from Tallin, Estonia that is).

From there hop on tram #4  (at the "Puolipäivänkatu" stop) for about 15 minutes. Get off at the "Hesperian puisto" stop and walk to the nearest bus stop. At the bus stop take bus 235 for about 20 minutes and get off at the "Leppäsilta" stop. Then you are just a five minute walk away from the temple. You should be able to see it at that point, but if not here are some quick walking directions when you get of.

Walking to the temple: head southeast towards "Rastaalantie", then turn right when you see  the roads "Pääskyskuja/Svalgränden".  Continue on to "Leppäsillantie" and then take a right, right into the temple! There's a picture below for reference.


Map Apps

There are a few maps which are super helpful when traveling. The basic map app on your phone can be an awesome way to get around. Simply type in the address where you want to go and make sure it is giving you "transportation" directions. This will tell you how to get to different bus and train stops as well as which numbers to take and where to get off. 

Here are a few other GPS options you may want to check out as well. 

  • City Maps 2Go
  • OffMaps
  • Navfree
  • 2GIS

kiev - @mysarahlou.jpg

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