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What ILP Countries Can You Uber and Lyft In?

Posted by Emily Cummings on 10/9/17 8:51 AM

ILP Thailand

Wondering how to get around a new country that’s your home for the next semester? Not a worry. There are tons of ways to see your city … you can even take Uber and Lyft in these ILP countries.

If you’re looking to spend a semester volunteering in Europe or Asia with ILP and want to be able to use Uber and Lyft to get around, don’t worry — you’ll be set. All of the ILP Europe countries have Uber, and some of the favorite vacation spots for our volunteers in Thailand have both Uber and Lyft. Now you can get to the L’viv Chocolate Factory in Ukraine, totally worry free. 

Pst: Curious to know what life is like as an ILP Volunteer? Here’s a free guide about living in Ukraine to outline what a typically day is like!

Oh, and don’t worry — Uber isn’t the only way to get around these places. It sounds intimidating at first but you’ll get to know how to use the local metro, buses and trams, hail a cab and get around by bike to help you see these cities … but it is nice to know that you can always Uber to the coast of Odessa if you don’t want to figure out the public transport.   Here’s where Uber and Lyft are in these ILP countries: 

  • Romania 
  • Dominican Republic
  • Poland 
  • Ukraine
  • Russia 
  • Lithuania 
  • Thailand 

Romania - Uber

Brasov & Bucharest 

Grab your Uber drive and ride to all these favorite spots in Brasov — aka, the most darling, hidden gem mountain getaway, complete with castles, sprawling summer homes, and a cute Old Town. Don’t forget your camera, because this city is gorgeous! Or while you are touring around Romania’s capital city,  Uber over to Parliament building and check out some of our other favorite spots in Bucharest.

ILP Romania

Dominican Republic - Uber 

Santo Domingo 

If you're headed to the Caribbean, you'll realize that there are lots of ways to get around ... but volunteers tend to use Uber over taxis because the price is set when you make your reservation. Any traveler knows that you sometimes wonder with taxi drivers if you're getting a fair price, but with Uber, that problem is eliminated! So feel free to grab your ILP group and Uber on over to places like Los Tres Ojos National Park!


Poland - Uber

Krakow & Warsaw

ILP volunteers living in their home city of Krakow can use Uber to see all the sites if they want. Feel free to walk to see your city’s local dragon at Wawel castle, or Uber over to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, which is just a few miles outside of the city. When you head into Warsaw for a trip, call an Uber to take you to the rebuilt Old Town — Yep, the pretty, painted Old Town is a fake reconstruction of what is used to look like.  Get a little Warsaw history lesson right here, if you wanna brush up and play tour guide for your ILP group. 

ILP Poland

Ukraine - Uber

Kiev, Lviv & Odessa 

All ILP Ukraine volunteers can use Uber to get around their home city of Kiev; You might want to use the metro if traffic is bad, but if it isn’t, Uber to go see the Big Mama Statue and these other 10 sites  around your city. Or while you are on vacation in Ukraine, use Uber to check out the L’viv Chocolate Factory (you have GOT to come here to see Ukraine’s version of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory) or have your Uber driver pick you up after a day of relaxing just a like a local on the sandy shores in Odessa — Yep! There is one gorgeous beach in Ukraine … who knew?

ILP Ukraine

Russia - Uber

Moscow, Voronezh & St. Petersburg 

While you’re living in Russia, you can take the metro over to these awesome souvenir streets, or just split an Uber ride over to Arbat Street and Izmalovskaya Park (don’t forget to buy your Russian Nesting Dolls and a fur hat). Volunteers living in Voronezh can use Uber to see some of the city’s most famous statues (like the cartoon cat chilling in a tree … seriously). And while you all are on vacation in St. Petersburg, you won’t need to fuss with the metro because you can just head via Uber these 4 favorite spots. 

ILP Russia

Lithuania - Uber


There are tons of ways to explore this Lithuanian city  — you could make the long trek up on top of the Hill of 3 Crosses in Vilnius, or you could call your friendly neighborhood Uber driver! And while you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss these Old Town adventures. You can certainly see a lot by foot but there’s something to be said about being picked up and dropped off exactly in front of the cutie cafe you’re having lunch at. 

ILP Lithuania

Thailand - Uber & Lyft

Uber: Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai
Lyft: Bangkok & Phuket 

Listen up, volunteers in Thailand! Uber and Lyft have you covered whenever you are on vacation in your own country. Plan on getting Uber or Lyft to help you with your weekend itinerary for Bangkok, the dreamy white temple in Chiang Rai (and other spots to see) and even a way to take you back to your cheap hostel after a day of swimming in Phuket. Life in paradise just got so much easier.

ILP Thailand

Oh and to make things a breeze during vacations, Uber is basically in our favorite vacation spots in Europe and in Southeast Asia. Yes, please! Oh, and to get a few more of your questions answered about living abroad and volunteering with ILP, we can’t help out with that too. Just click that green button to talk to an ILP Representative — they’ve been there, done that, so you can get the answers you need: 

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