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These Airlines Get You Cheap Flights From Kiev To Other European Spots!

Posted by Auvi Evans on 10/2/18 4:37 PM

cheap airlines in Ukraine

European vacations can tend to get pricey, but if you're a budget traveler you're in luck! There are several airlines that can get you flights from Kiev for cheap.

Ukraine is so close to countries that are also likely on your must see list like Greece, Germany, Italy, England, Poland, and many, many others. The best part is they are just a short flight away! Use that to your advantage and see as much as you can. 

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Websites for budget flights in Ukraine:

There are a few helpful websites when you are looking at flights. We recommend checking out all of these as options when you are booking flights. The more research you do the easier it is to get a good deal and compare prices.

Wizz Air

Want to save lots of money? Wizz Air is the place! These flights can be limited because they only fly on certain days, and to certain airports. If you can make that work for you we highly recommend using them to save $$$.


Ukraine International Airlines is a great option if you are looking for availability. There are a lot of fights and dates available and the prices are pretty decent depending on where you are going. Look around and be flexible with dates if you can, this will help you find better deals on the site.


If the name doesn't give it away, we don't know what does! Chapoair is a great site to use to compare airlines. Type in where you want to go, your dates, and then it does the work for you. It will give you a big list of what the cheapest flights are. Some of those are flying round trip on the same airline and others are flying two different airlines. 


Another great website (and app!) to compare flights. Omio is specifically looking for European airlines, which narrows the search down a lot and can be super helpful to find good deals.  

cheap flighs

Okay, lets look at where you can go!

After a quick search here is a list of round trip tickets from Kiev to other popular destinations in Europe! 

Wizz Air*

Kiev- London $96

Kiev- Warsaw $42

Kiev- Frankfurt $122

Kiev-Budapest $93

Kiev- Vilnius $88


Kiev- Vienna $147

Kiev- Venice $160

Kiev- Stockholm $100

Kiev- Prague $122

Kiev- Frankfurt $112

Here's a few tips to get the best deals:

Be Flexible

As you are looking for flights be as flexible as possible. Sometimes flying out a day later/earlier can change the price drastically. Look at dates around your ideal date and see if you can make the cheaper dates work.

Fly One Way

If you are flying into Paris, it doesn't mean you have to fly back to Ukraine from Paris. Check out surrounding airports to see if you kind find any other deals on flights. Then you can head to a new country by bus or train and see more of Europe!

fly cheap in Ukraine

Time to get yourself to Ukraine! 

Volunteering with ILP for a semester is an awesome way to get to know the country, but also have time to travel to other countries in Europe. 

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