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5 Things That Are Not Saving You Money While You’re Traveling

Posted by Emily Cummings on 12/21/16 7:09 AM

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Looking to save money while you travel the world? Of course you are! Travel gets expensive (unless you know a few tricks). Don't spend your hard earned cash on these 5 things while you're abroad! Traveling can get pretty pricey.  Whether you are going for a week or a month or a year, you need to pay for a flight, a place to stay and something to eat. Good thing you can travel the world and save some money by going as a volunteer. Certain programs (like ILP!) provide housing, 3 meals a day and airfare for an affordable cost…and we offer discounts that help you pay even less.

Download this guide to know how to pay less for your semester abroad!

Not bad, right?  Oh, and check out how to save some more money by hardly ever doing these 5 things while abroad! 

  • Eating Local Food
  • Taking A Taxi
  • Not Being A Savvy Student
  • Going To The ATM
  • Traveling in High Season 

Eating Local Food

The food is different when you travel. You will come to find your favorite (cheap) Russian treats and Mexican snacks…but sometimes you just need a taste of home. But that is going to cost you if you need your daily Frappucino.  American food like McDonalds and Starbucks are not really cheaper than in the United States and are almost always more expensive than the local food. Take advantage of the country you are living in and test out the local snacks and treats! (But pack some peanut butter for when you really are missing home.) 

ILP Russia

Taking A Taxi

Riding in a cab everywhere will quickly drain your bank account because this is the most expensive option. Opt for public transportation and get to exploring the city by foot and use that extra money to buy some local art for a killer souvenir to bring home. Lots of cities will have a week long public transit pass, or a renewable card for those living there for longer. These passes often give you a discount on the fare, so over time, that really can add up to some serious savings. If you need a take cab, share it with friends to divide the cost.

ILP Thailand

Not Being A Savvy Student

When you travel, let the whole world know you are a student! You can get some awesome discounts by flashing a student ID card (like this ISIC card!). It tells over 130 countries that you are a student and should get half off or a buy one get one free discount on food, things to do, and places to see. It’ll save you money at home and while abroad  and you don’t even need to be a student to get an ISIC card.

ILP Dominican Republic

Going To The ATM

Turns out getting money will cost you money when you are traveling abroad. The best way to make purchases abroad is by using an ATM, but there are often fees to do this. It's your bank that decides what the fees are though...so do a little research and find out how much they're going to charge you. Usually it's a certain percentage of the amount you take out or it's just a set fee each time. Did you know there's places out there that have no international ATM fees at all?? It might be worth to open an account somewhere that has zero fees and save all that money.

Wondering what else there is to know about using an international ATM? We’ve got you covered.

ILP Europe

Traveling in High Season

You can save a lot of money by traveling when most people aren’t. Visiting places like Zhangjiajie, China in the low season saves you about 15 USD just on the entry fee to see some really rad mountains! While this might not be possible to do while just visiting during a spring break or summer vacation, during your semester with ILP, you can decide to see the more expensive places during your vacation times that hit during the low seasons. (I did mention that ILP volunteers get vacation time, right?)

ILP China

Worried about money standing the way of you traveling the world? Check out more money saving tips  and look below for reasons why that shouldn't stand in your way of a semester abroad!

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