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15 Letters To Write To Yourself

Posted by Auvi Evans on 4/14/18 8:46 AM

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Write letters to yourself and look back on them to find motivation, comfort, peace, and strength. 

Life brings a lot of ups and downs, new and exciting things, and a whole lot of unknowns. You know how some days you're feeling great and others ... well,not so great. Having letters like this that you wrote to yourself when you're feeling better can be a source of strength later on when you need it most. Get creative, because you know yourself best. 

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These letters can really make a difference, so get writing.  Here are a few ideas we came up with.

Letters To Write To Yourself

Looking for ways to grow? Having these letters to read during either happy or sad times can be a great reminder of your progression in life. They can help you get through hard times and remain positive through whatever you are experiencing.

Consider adding stories from past experiences, hope and dreams that you have for your future self, things you want to remember, and advice. Pull in tidbits and reminders on how to like yourself better, or ways to overcome self-doubt. Read them when you come to these points in life:

  • When You're Sad
  • After a Break-Up
  • When You Need A Reminder That You're Loved
  • When School Is Overwhelming
  • When You're Dissapointed
  • When You Reach A Goal
  • When You Need Motivation
  • To Your Future Self (Where do you hope you are now?)
  • On Your Wedding Day
  • When You Need A Good Laugh
  • When You Become A Parent
  • When You Aren't Sure Which Decision To Make
  • When You Go On Your First Trip Abroad
  • When You're Proud Of Yourself
  • When You Need Encouragement

Writing these letters to yourself is such a cool process which can really help you love and appreciate yourself even more.

Looking For Other Ways To Grow?

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With tons of countries to choose from you will find a perfect option for you. 

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