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Cutie (Free!) Templates For Your Bucket List Journal

Posted by Emily Henkel on 4/30/20 10:15 AM

Teaching English Abroad with ILP

We’ve got all the tips you need to make a notebook full of all the adventures you’ve yet to take. It sounds super cheesy but my favorite souvenirs I bring home from my trips are my journals. I try to write down little quirky things that remind me of details that I would have forgotten or can’t see in the photos I took. But one thing that was a total game changer to my travel journals? Filling out these bucketlist templates for each of my trips. So. Much. Fun. 

If you're into bucket list journals, I'm guessing you love to travel? 
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I have a stack of these templates for the trips I've taken and the ones that are on my list ... and all together, they create quite the bucket list journal that helps me keep track of all my adventures. And let me tell you, after volunteering abroad with International Language Programs twice, I had most of the countries in Asia and Europe crossed off, thanks to all the vacation time I had when I wasn't teaching English. 

Get Some Free Templates 

Depending on what kind of traveler you are, we've pulled together a couple of different templates for you to use, totally free. I have my go-to template for trips I've yet to take below but there's a link to download more. 

My Go-To Trip Template 

This template is your standard "any country or any city" bucket list, full of categories about all the things and reasons why you want to visit that particular spot. There's a box for the city and country you want to visit, as well as some extra space for you to fill in the blanks.

To grab it — just right click on the template and save it to your computer for printing (or scroll down a bit because we have a collection of 7 templates that we're happy to email to you, including this one)

ILP Adventure

Download A Few More 

Depending on what kind of traveler you are, we've pulled some different templates for you to use, totally free. There's one focused on keeping track of all the countries you want to visit in the world, a template for all the adventures one lifetime should have, and one which pull the must-have experiences of an ILP semester. 

— Download the whole collection of (free) journal templates here — 

+ Do Some Decorating 

I'm a big fan of Washi tape for a lot of reasons — I love decorating my bucket list journal with all sorts of colors. I typically color-code my sections so I know blue is for destinations I'm heading to, and yellow are all my bucket list adventures, etc.  There are tons of options, but I like the colors of this Washi tape set (with 12 rolls). Oh and just so you know, we're an Amazon Affiliate so we do receive a small commission if you shop Amazon products from our page. We only share items that we think you'll really love, thanks for the support!

Volunteering in Europe with ILP

You can travel the world on a college budget 

That's exactly what I did! ILP's a non-profit organization who sends college-aged volunteers abroad to countries all over the world to teach English or volunteer in an orphanage. You're set up with a group of fellow volunteers to teach and travel with, plus your housing, meals, and flights are totally covered.  Sounds like the ideal way to start actually filling out your bucket list journal. 

What Countries Can I Volunteer In?

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