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10 Inspiring Quotes From October 2017 LDS General Conference

Posted by Auvi Evans on 11/12/17 11:56 AM

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Every 6 months the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The LDS church) gathers to listen to leaders and receive inspiration and uplifting messages. One awesome thing about LDS General Conference is that you can listen to it wherever you are! So, if you're volunteering in Ukraine, spending a semester in Thailand or a BYU student in Provo you can tune in!

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Here are 10 LDS quotes that stood out during the most recent general conference session and can help if you're looking for a little extra boost! 

1. "Being righteous doesn’t mean being perfect or never making mistakes. It means developing an inner connection with God, repenting of our sins and mistakes, and freely helping others." Sharon Eubank

2. "You are in His hands. Very good hands. Loving hands. Caring hands." Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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3. "God will show us our flaws and failings, but He will also help us turn weakness into strength." D. Todd Christofferson

4. "In any case, I am grateful to know that in spite of my imperfections, at least God is perfect." Jeffrey R. Holland

5. "But allow Him to make more of you than you can make of yourself on your own. Treasure His involvement." Ronald A. Rasband

6. "Today I testify of miracles. Being a child of God is a miracle." Donald L. Hallstrom

7. "He trusts us... do we trust Him?" Stanley G. Ellis

8." The greater the light in our lives the fewer the shadows." Ian S. Ardern


9."When we place worldly things first, we obscure our vision of heaven." Gary E. Stevenson

10. "Through study, prayer, and keeping the commandments, I found that there are answers to all of my important questions. I also found that for some questions, continuing faith, patience, and revelation are needed." David F. Evans


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