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Your First Week Of ILP Classes: Planning Lessons

Posted by Jen King on 9/16/15 11:48 AM

ILP Haiti

Bit nervous about actually teaching as an ILP volunteer? No worries! Here's some tips to help you plan your first week of lessons. 

If you're about to start your first week of teaching in a foreign country and you're feeling a bit nervous ... don't worry! You're definitely not the first ILP volunteer to feel that way.

First off You do not need to plan lessons before you get to your country, so just breathe a sigh of relief now! After you all arrive and get settled, there's a ton to do so get ready to hit the ground running. But one of those things is getting help with planning your first lessons! Your Head Teacher is there to help you and your group learn how to plan lessons using our ILP teaching methodology. You won't know what types of activities you're teaching until you arrive, so it's hard to know what to plan too early for the first week. For now, just take a look at these tips.

Get Your Ideas Online

If it wasn't already, Pinterest is your new best friend! Seriously, it's the greatest resource for activities for kids because there's endless ideas. 

You can also just do a simple online search for "fun kid's activities" and you've got tons right at your finger tips.

Use Our Ideas

Hey guess what, we've taught ILP classes too so we're sharing our favorite lesson ideas with you too! Check them out here:

Planning lessons for Kitchen
Planning lessons for Shop
Planning lessons for Arts & Crafts 
Planning lessons for Drama 
Planning lessons for Gym
Planning lessons for Games


Think Outside The Box

Everything (and I mean everything) can be used in an ILP lesson. Don't throw away your toilet paper roll after the TP is all gone because that could be turned into a musical instrument. Save your empty plastic water bottle and make a rocket ship with your kids. 

You don't have a net for playing volleyball in gym class? Hmm ... do you have string? Or rope? Or yarn? Use your imagination and you'll suddenly have a net!

Turn a simple piece of paper into a mask by cutting holes and adding pipe cleaners. It's pretty easy once you get the ideas rolling! Be creative. If you found a great lesson plan idea but you don't have all of the supplies, is there anything you do have that you can substitute in? 


Go Easy On Yourself

The first week of teaching is typically the hardest for most ILP volunteers! (It for sure was for me). If things get frustrating, just know it's only temporary. It takes time for you to get familiar with teaching and to get to know your students and for them to get to know your expectations. If you keep putting in your best effort, you'll eventually start to have little moments with the kids that will make everything worth it!


Interested in helping children abroad?

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