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Where To Find The Best Street Art In Provo, Utah

Posted by Abbey Krzymowski on 6/24/19 1:31 PM

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Trying to find some great local spots to have that end-of-semester photoshoot with all of your roommates? Here is a guide for some of our favorite wall art in Provo, Utah!

If you've volunteered with International Language Programs in Mexico or really any country in Europe, then you know how awesome the wall murals are, and how great they look in pictures. Well, turns out you don't have to travel to find great street art since there are so many great ones right here in ILP's birthplace: Provo, Utah! 

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We know a big motivator for travel is the amazing pictures you'll get, right? Or maybe it's the other way around. Maybe because you're traveling, you want good pictures? Either way, there is a bit more to good photos than just the location, so before we start our little tour, we also have a few tips about how to tweak and share your pics (if you're into that)! 

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A lot of our volunteers want to have amazing and creative pics to share on Instagram, whether or not they are currently volunteering abroad! Using this social media app is a great way to share and save your pictures. You can even print photos straight from your Instagram through any of these companies

Make sure you check out our guide to growing your Instagram account! And don't forget about these apps that are honestly the most helpful for Instagram. As you're also looking at some of our favorite travel accounts, you'll probably wonder how they get their pics to look the way they do. After you snap your own pics, use a good filter (if you're into them), like any of these. All the pictures in this post have been edited (just a tinsy winsy bit) with the free presets found on the Tezza app, Turned down really low, they help to just brighten things up a bit. Time to get artsy! 


Where To Find The Best Street Art In Provo

The best place to find most of these wall murals is right in downtown Provo. And guess what?! You can actually find a map of almost every stunning mural in Provo by following this link! 

The one above is located on the side of CHOM Burger, at 45 300 N. With so many colors to choose from, you can just slide down the wall before casually wandering into their joint for all the yummies. 

If you head on over to University Ave and go towards Center Street, you can easily find four more great murals! "The Lars Wall Mural" behind Block 100 Antiques might just be one of our favorites cause how can you resist taking a pic of that motivational calligraphy quote? You'll also see "The Buffalo Mural", "The Empress", and "The Faces of Provo Mural." They are all totally different styles, but the last was painted by over 100 members of the community and shares a wall with Noodle King found at 163 N University Ave. 

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Keep moving south and you'll find "The Best Gift Is You", painted on the west side of Provo Town Square parking terrace. Just a few feet away you can also find "The Colorful Provo Mural" at 27 N 100 W that was painted by a high school class and brightly highlights many of the well-known buildings in the area. 

Now that you're on Center Street, you're smack in the middle of all our favorites! Start with "The Dolphin Mural" on the side of Fruta Crush that will give you all the deep sea vibes. Then turn west and head across the street to snap a pic at the newer "One Time In Provo Mural", located right next to the Utah Valley Convention Center. 

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Head west down that same side of Center Street and eventually you'll come to the popular, bright pink "Bike Mural" located at 470 W Center Street. And even though the huge "Book Mural" at 450 W Center St may not be the best to get pictures with, it's still pretty neat to see so many timeless classics painted on the outside of a bookstore. Don't blame us if you find yourself inside the shop too. 

Next, turn back the way you came, and cross the street headed south after passing the Convention Center again. While on the edge of Freedom Blvd, make sure you find the "Mountains On Center Mural" and also the "Polka Dot Mural". Both are awesome! Since the polka dot wall is right next to the FishKiss Spa at 32 S Freedom Blvd, you may need to head there after. Just an idea for a fun afternoon. 

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Now you're going to turn east, and cross the street again. You'll see "The Fort Utah Wall Mural", and a bit farther down, the huge "Sage Grouse Mural" on the side of Sensuous Sandwich. Neither of these are really our favorite for pictures...but maybe you can figure out how to pose with that giant bird better than we could. 

Next you're going to want to get behind the Nu Skin building, where you can find several pixel murals that are just amazing. How people can turn little black and white squares into faces is just beyond us. The "Albert Einstein Mural" at 150 S 100 W is a favorite, and probably the easiest to spot. Plus it's adjacent to four colored walls that also make for some great shots! 

International Language Programs

That's the end of our grand tour down Center Street, but after you get back to your car, you can drive around the outskirts of Provo to find a few more great ones! Like the orange words, "Change What You Can!" written on the side of a bright purple shipping container found at 25 W 400 S!  Make sure you check out this article to see additions we missed! 

We love that Provo is turning into a more artsy and colorful college town! Since there is currently a Downtown Provo Monthly Mural Program, we're going to be seeing a lot more of these fun spots popping up all over. YAY! 

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What about seeing street art around the world while volunteering abroad? 

Sounds pretty awesome, right? And that is just one of the many countless reasons to spend an unforgettable semester with us. You can apply 18-months in advance, so click the button below to get started: 

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