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The Tree House Village Is Our Favorite Place To Stay In The DR

Posted by Emily Henkel on 3/15/21 10:25 AM


As if taking off to live and volunteer in the Caribbean for a few months wasn’t dreamy enough, you'll basically freak out when you see pictures from this treehouse hotel. 

We love our programs in the Caribbean! Volunteers are there teaching English and helping out in a few different humanitarian projects (and get plenty of time off to visit the beach). Another thing to love about this part of the world? The chance to vacation in Samana, in the Dominican Republic. Hands down, staying at the Tree House Village is our favorite part of this vacation. 

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There are so, so, so, so many amazing places you lucky Caribbean volunteers get to check out
but one spot we can't get enough of is this Tree House Village in Samana, DR. You'll want to check out our guide to Samana here for info on what there is to do nearby, but here's all the information you need about staying in this luxurious Tree House Village. 


Wait, An Actual Treehouse?

Yep! The Dominican Tree House Village is what dreams are made of. Nestled deep in the Dominican jungle in Samana, imagine spending your mornings eating breakfast overlooking the lush treetops, swinging in hammocks and then climbing down ladders to go spend your afternoon at the beach. 

This place is just magical. There are multiple cabins that are connected by rope bridges, there are garden paths to explore, the green trees of the untouched jungle around you, a pool to splash in and fireplace on the grounds, a yoga studio to relax in, and a bunch of other lovely ways to spend your time. Just look at the pictures, it’s beautiful. Oh, and there is a cutie treehouse dog named Mocha, which is definitely an added bonus.

Just remember, you are staying in the jungle. There may be monkeys who wake you up, and you may find snails in the shower. This resort is typically nicer than some of the other places ILP volunteers stay at, just know it's still a treehouse hotel found in the lush jungle! 

Around the property is a waterfall and a beach which are other ways to fill your time. It's an experience that people just rave about. 

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Things To Do Here 

Because you're tucked away from the things to do in Samana, the Tree House Village has a few things that are included in your stay, and some tours that you can do in addition to the cost of your stay.

There is also quite a lot to do if you just want to explore the property (like taking a photoshoot on the suspension bridges, going to the Playa El Valle Beach nearby, or hiking to the Lulu Waterfall that's right next to where you are staying.

 We have a little breakdown of each so you can know how to spend your time (and your budget): 

Included Activities

Time by the Pool — The property has a beautiful pool that is surrounded by lush jungles (and all of your jungle neighbors ... you may hear parrots and monkeys chattering away while you swim). The pool has poolside chairs and lounge furniture for relaxing. 

Board Games at the Lodge — Get together with your group and hang out at the main lodge. The lodge is equipped with group games like giant Connect 4, a bag toss, card games, and more.  Abby K. says "they play games at night and it is honestly the best!! you make friends with people staying there and the staff". So so so fun! 

Fire Pit + Swing — Find a porch swing suspended between the open-air rock columns that surround the fire pit. Stay late to tell stories around the fire and get a glimpse of the stars. 

Bike Rentals — The cost of your stay includes bike rentals so you can pedal down to the Playa El Valle beach (it's a 35ish minute walk, so about 20 minutes on your bikes).  


ILP adventure

What's Extra 

A Spa Day — You'll find a spa tucked away in the trees where you can really unwind with a massage. All proceeds go directly to the masseuse which helps support the local economy and their families. 

Ziplining — A total favorite activity if you can swing it. The owner of the Tree House Village hired German engineers to build one of the tallest and highest rated lip line adventures in the whole Caribbean. You'll zip down over the trees at more than 40 mph, across 12 lines and 13 stations. You'll be dropped off near Cascada Lulu (which is the back entrance of the Tree House Village). 

  • Twice Daily runs: 9:30AM & 2:00PM
    Closed Tuesdays 
    $60 USD 



Sailing + Snorkeling — Head out from the private dock in Samana on a Catamaran to two different snorkel spots. All of your snorkeling gear is included so you just have to focus on spotting the brightly colored fish swimming around above the coral beds. Lunch is at Cayo Levantado Island before coming back. 

  • 9:30AM to 4:30PM
  • Only Wednesdays and Saturdays 
    $110 per person 

Waterfall + Horseback Tour — Get to the Limon Waterfall on horseback, a 55 meter cascade that pools into a lovely swimming spot. This excursion includes lunch then a trip to Coson Beach. It's known for being as pretty as a movie set. Hang out on the sang, go for a swim, or test out surfing before heading back home. 

  • 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Only on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays
    $160 per person, $210 per couple  

Pst! You can do this for way less if you go on your own or book a tour while you're in Samana. We've had volunteers groups ride horseback to the El Limon waterfall for $40, or you can do it yourself. Just take a gua-gua to one of the tour buildings and hike to the waterfalls. It'll cost less than $5 USD.

Here's more info on the Limon Waterfall


Is This Place Expensive?

Here’s the catch — this place is a bit pricey. You’ve got to stay for at least two nights, which should cost around $600. However, you can split that with someone in your ILP group, because each room can sleep two people.

So it would be $280 for two nights, and the whole thing is all-inclusive — you get a rad atmosphere, breakfast, lunch and dinner, free bikes for the beach and the chance to say you hung out in a Caribbean treehouse for a couple of days.

Get A Little Discount 

The owner is from Idaho and is pretty familiar with ILP; if you call ahead and say you're visiting as a part of a humanitarian trip, you may get permission to have 4 adults stay in the family cabin which makes the price more affordable.  Here's what Emma L. said "It's for sure worth it! Definitely a trip of a lifetime. Tell them you’re with ILP teaching English and you’ll get a discount".  Of course, there are no guarantees on a discount, but ILP volunteers are loving this spot every semester and they've been really gracious.

Booking Your Stay 

Get more pictures of this place, information about booking, and other details to help plan your vacation here: Dominican Treehouse Village. You can also find them on Instagram.


What Do Volunteers Think — Is It Worth It? 

Most volunteers end up listing this as a major highlight of their semester.  It's good to know that the breakfast is included and so many people rave about how friendly the staff is (they feel like family by the end of the trip). 

People Who Loved It 

Still need a little more convincing? Here is what a few ILP volunteers said about their trip: 

"Just do it and love it — if you want to get away from the constant hustle and bustle it’s perfect. Peaceful, gorgeous, and such sweet friendly staff. Definitely the best vacation of my trip!" 
— Melissa L. 

“I would 100% recommend it! It’s hands down my favorite place I’ve ever stayed. I just think it was super great because everyone that works there is so amazing and personable and we were only there two nights but were so sad to leave them and made good friends!” 
— Emily 

100% recommend! My whole group loved it. We stayed there for two nights and would have stayed longer if we could have!!
— Paige B.

"would 100/10 recommend the treehouse village. Completely worth every penny. It’s so unique and fun and the people were the best!!" 
— Summer S. 

"We did 4 days at the Tree Houses. I 100% recommend. Seriously it was the highlight of all our vacations ... the beach was seriously amazing and riding bikes there was so fun. I did the zip line tour and loved it!! The staff is seriously so great". 
— Abby K. 

For volunteers who went and loved it, it was something they had budgeted for. Things in the Caribbean are relatively inexpensive, so it’s not like you are going to be spending this kind of money on every vacation (unless you’re staying at the really ritzy hotels — which you can totally do, but it won’t save you any cash).

From A Few Other Volunteers

However, there were other volunteers who skipped out on the Tree House Village and soaked up all sorts of sunny memories by just doing a trip in Samana. 

Some felt like there wasn't a lot to do and they got bored — there isn't service on the property unless you hang out in a certain spot and pay for WiFi access. 


Thinking (even just a little) about volunteering in the Caribbean? 

Then you'll love this place! Click the button below to learn all about it:

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