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Pay Less For Your Semester Abroad With The Pay In Full Discount

Posted by Kayla McGill on 2/10/15 9:01 AM


Do you want to save money just by being on time? Well, you can do that with this ILP discount. 

One of the BEST things about ILP is the cost of the program. I mean let’s get real, having your round trip air fare covered, plus meals, plus your visa, plus housing and a bunch of other perks? Yep. We're sold and ready to sign up to go teach English abroad in all the ILP countries, that's for sure. But to make things even better, we have a rad discount that's a cinch to get. 

Want to save even more? We're talking all about affording a semester abroad right here.

Get a discount for being prompt.

Here's your chance to get one of the ILP discounts with zero effort. If you pay your program fee in full within three weeks of being accepted to the ILP program and signing your documents, you get $100 off your program fee. Pretty easy, right? You get $100 off, just for paying right up front!

Having trouble coming up with the funds to pay in full? Check out a couple options here and start dreaming about living in China for a semester or volunteering in Thailand. 

Continue fundraising and save even more.

Think of this plan — pay your program fee in full (and save the $100) and then fundraise your program fee back. Any donations will be counted and sent back to you as reimbursement checks. Pretty awesome, right? 

(We've got fundraising tips right here to make it even easier for ya). 

ILP China

That way you get both the benefit of the $100 discount, as well as all the perks of fundraising for a semester abroad. It’s sort of a win-win situation.

If you aren't able to pay up front, don't worry because we have payment plans, other discounts for volunteering, and so many other tips for making it affordable for you. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our office! We are more than happy to help:

 Text Me! I've Got Questions


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