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How To Attend The LDS Church in Thailand!

Posted by Lindsay Hall on 10/4/14 3:05 PM

ILP Thailand

If you're headed for a semester in Thailand know that you can attend the LDS church if you'd like! Here are the details you'll need to know before your first Sunday there.

ILP isn't affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but a lot of our volunteers are LDS — which makes ILP a great option if you're looking for opportunities for LDS volunteers, by the way. 

Interested in volunteering in Thailand with ILP? Here's a guide that will answer all your questions about what it's like!

The LDS church in Thailand is pretty strong. And there's a branch pretty close to where you'll be living and teaching (though there aren't any LDS temples built in Thailand ... at least, not yet). 

Where is it?

The closest branch to both of our ILP schools is located in Phitsanulok.

Volunteers who live in Phitsanulok typically ride a bicycle to church (provided by your school). It takes about 20-30 minutes or so to get there.

If you're living in Phichit, it's more of a time commitment because you live a town away. You'll ride your bike to the train station, take a little (about 45 minutes) train ride, then when you arrive in Phitsanulok show a tuk-tuk driver the address of the church and hitch a quick ride to the church building (you will pay around 60 baht for everyone, or about $2 USD).

We have more detailed instructions for our volunteers on how to get there from their homes.

Here is the address for the LDS church in Phitsanulok: Pichai Songkram 11

Look for this sign

You might ride your bike right by the church if you don't know to look for this sign, which says "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" in Thai.

The building doesn't look like a "traditional" church that you'll see in other places like the States, so just keep an eye out!

LDS church in Thailand

When does it start?

Both of our Thailand groups will be attending the same branch. There is only one meeting because the church is still very small there. They almost have enough members to get a new church building! Church begins at 9:00 am every Sunday. 

LDS church in Thailand

What to expect

The branch is very friendly and so grateful for your attendance. They are so welcoming and love the ILP teachers. Generally, the LDS missionaries will sit with you in the back of the chapel during sacrament and translate the meeting for you. There may be a Sunday school class for English speakers, just depending on who is serving in the branch while you are there.

After fast Sunday, the branch usually has a pot luck. You are invited to attend, and they LOVE it when you do. The members want to get to know  you, and talk to you about your life. 

LDS Church in Thailand

Other activities

The branch does have other activities through the week that you are invited to attend. To find out when and where those are, talk to the elders. They will help you out with whatever you need. 

P.S. Make sure you always ask the missionaries about next week's meetings. Any time there is a stake meeting, regional conference, general conference, etc...the branch travels to Chiang Mai. If you aren't aware, you will show up after your journey to find no one there. Not good! 

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